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  1. Need 70 rushing yards or I need TDs. TD heavy league. Who do you start, Adrian Peterson or DeAndre Washington?
  2. I feel I’m in the minority but I like Lewis. OBJ vs Bal isn’t my idea of a good time. please see mine!
  3. Non-PPR. I can start AP and DeAndre Washington today and be safe or I can bench one and go with Boone tomorrow. What would you do? WHIR!
  4. I need to start 2...should I assume the other vote was for Boone?
  5. Stick with Myers. Prefer the team that is guaranteed a lot of scoring. Please see mine:
  6. TD heavy league. Will help in return. Currently leaning Boone and ADP...but may swap in De'Andre Washington for ADP.
  7. I like Lock and Brisett over Baker. please see mine.
  8. I would stick with that. Thanks for getting mine earlier.
  9. I like Mack and Gallup there. GL please see mine?
  10. I like AJ brown. Much better chance at scoring I think. please see mine?
  11. I like Andrews and for Bal to get up they need to score. Andrews is the favorite target. please see mine?
  12. Carson, Jones, and Mostert (coach said today he has earned lead back role). after that I’m going Gordon. please see mine?
  13. **Please note** We get ZERO points for yardage until a threshold of 70 rush or 70 receiving yards is met. TD heavy league. If I bench Bell I am left with De’Andre Washington and ADP as my only options to fill my RB 2 spot. Do I play Bell and hope he gets to that 70 rush yardage or somehow scores a TD? OR Do I bench him, wait to see how Jacobs is doing and then decide between ADP and De’Andre Washington? whir
  14. I would rather play Bell (put him in RB slot, not flex!) because if Jacobs doesn’t play you’re screwed.
  15. Problem is I have to decide on Bell tomorrow night. I can't wait and see about Washington and then play Bell since his game will have already passed. I can only wait and then play ADP if Washington isn't getting the ball.
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