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  1. Jose Leclerq dominated after he got closer: 12 saves, 29 k's, 0.00 era, 0.50 whip, that was from my team log he may have gotten another save
  2. wow, Will Smith in to close for the Giants, Bochy getting jiggy with it, wtf?
  3. Melancon just pitched the 8th, grabbed Watson earlier, so I'm sure Bochy will throw Dyson out there next inning
  4. always nice of yahoo to log you out of your account when your scrambling to pick up rp Watson just in case, I have Melancon too, but Strickland had good numbers aside from last night
  5. ugh, that pirates beat writer who suggested Santana needs a new career, that was an unpleasant waste of a move and era/whip hit.
  6. I had seen a lot of pickups for Jeffress earlier on yahoo, but didnt think much of it, hope this is just temporary
  7. after the pounding castillo and keuchel took I hope yahoo never comes back up so I dont have to look at this nightmare ever again
  8. good point, might have to drop him if this keeps up
  9. Matheny and Sciossa on every fantasy players naughty list
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