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  1. Hopefully the day will be coming soon that I won't regret drafting this guy.
  2. I currently have d'Arnaud as my catcher and Kiner-Falefa as a catcher-eligible utility player. Will Smith was recently dropped and I am intrigued by his potential. I'm leery of rostering two catchers, especially after some of my projected starters return from the IL. Should I pick up Smith to replace d'Arnaud, dump Kiner-Falefa and carry two catchers or leave Smith on the waiver wire?
  3. Jacobs must be hurt again. That's the only rational explanation for giving a bum like Booker this much playing time.
  4. I would take Jacobs and Hunt. But I've been making the wrong choice all season!
  5. Which of these 3 RBs would you use this week: Henderson (Rams), Jeff Wilson or Giovani Bernard. No WRS under consideration because my WR2 is already not very good. League is a 1-point PPR.
  6. Brees may not be the force that he once was, but he's still well above Minshew level. Easy choice (though I've been making wrong ones all season).
  7. One-point PPR, which TE would you roll out this week?
  8. I would pick Goedert. Matt Ryan has been killing the fantasy value of everybody except for Koo.
  9. I would go with Hilton and Hines. I'm concerned with the touches that other two haven't been getting and their QB situations. But I'm wrong a lot too, especially this season.
  10. I would go with Logan Thomas. I'm a WFT fan and he is really blossoming of late.
  11. Assuming that Josh Jacobs and Kenny Golladay remain out or limited this week, which two of these four would you use in a 1-point PPR: Tim Patrick, Keke Coutee, Jamison Crowder or Michael Pittman?
  12. Tannehill has been pretty bad over the past three weeks, but for the season he is still outscoring Cam by about 5 points a game. He also has three games over 30 points while Cam has one. Cam has also shown a lower floor, putting up negative points one week. I don't think either guy is going to carry you to a fantasy title this year, but I'd still take Tannehill over Cam. But I'm not doing especially well this year, so I wouldn't listen to me either!
  13. I'd hate using two backs from the same team, but I think I'd go with Drake and Edmonds in this situation. Both should at least put up average numbers, while Burkhead could give you almost nothing if he doesn't score.
  14. This is a really tough one to me but I think that I would do it. Henry is extremely reliable, but Cook has been other worldly of late. You'll be downgrading at WR, but Lockett is no slouch. I like getting the most dominant player in the trade, especially as the fantasy playoffs approach, and Cook is just that.
  15. As a disgruntled Golladay owner, I would make that deal without hesitation.
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