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  1. Personally like Drake here the last NO ATL game was ugly
  2. I like Jakobi over Beasley but prob won’t go wrong with either
  3. Must win situation. WHIR Gio Bernard or Snell???
  4. Yep figured it out last night! Thanks!
  5. I can’t have Dalton in my team. I would choose between Wentz and Minshew. Neither great but at times shine. I can’t remember last time Dalton shined.
  6. I have Patrick from DEN game postponed so I picked up Smith for NO with Thomas out. I also have Chargers DST stashed for next week against Jets. Our DST rules are brutal 21 pts 0 28 pts -7 35 pts -15 and no good teams on FA. We only have three bench spots. I need to pick up kicker. Do I drop Patrick or Chargers to pick up kicker for Monday or Tuesday game? I have Adams and Ridley as WRs.
  7. For the record I have Mixon Hunt and Taylor
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