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  1. I'm in the process of going for a championship, but I've been offered Paddack and Gore for Max Scherzer. It's a 9-team NL only dynasty that uses QSs instead of wins. Should I pull the trigger? I'm pretty confident that I can stay in the running for a title either way. Thoughts? (Post your link and I'll weigh in on your question.)
  2. Appreciate the help. Anybody else want to weigh in. Will help with your questions.
  3. Hard for me to judge considering I've never played in such a shallow league, but it looks great to me. I mean, you have top-10 players in JRam and Judge, top-10 pitchers in Cole and Thor plus really quality guys from the next tier in Flaherty, Taillon and Marquez. I think it looks like a great team. Only concern would be if Will Smith doesn't get saves, but otherwise, I think you're good to go.
  4. Totally agree. Option A is where I'd go. Help with my NL-only question?
  5. I wouldn't trade Shaw/Wheeler for Snell. I'd stand pat. I think Shaw rakes this year.
  6. I'm betting on Conforto, even in a redraft. His stock is rising and Abreu's is falling. He's my pick.
  7. I think it's clearly Side A and it's not all that close. Help with mine?
  8. 9-team NL only dynasty (5x5 roto). We keep 8 and my guys are: Marte, Albies, Realmuto, Dahl, Scherzer, Wheeler, Castillo and Yates. I'm anticipating that two players fall to me in the first round of the draft: Felipe Vazquez and Fernando Tatis Jr. All along I've been targeting Tatis with this pick, but when keepers were finalized, I was shocked that Vazquez was left unprotected and now am pretty torn on which one to take. I'm fully going for a title and closers -- especially elite closers with a secure job -- are extremely hard to come by (Diaz, Jansen, Doolittle, Iglesias, Knebel have be
  9. Keep forever NL dynasty league. Who gets the better end of the deal? I have Wheeler and Castillo as my only keeper starters and am thinking about moving Soto straight up for Scherzer.
  10. Because I know I'll be able to compete next year and I think Votto's value next year still far surpasses Kingery and JMart. Also, this wouldn't be a total give-up move because it's so early. Still a lot of time to make moves. Right now, I'm just looking to acquire the best players I can.
  11. Oh, and we're a 5x5 roto with OBP instead of average. So ...
  12. Thinking about pulling the trigger in my 9-team NL only dynasty league. This would severely hurt my chances at winning this year, though it's looking like a rebuild anyway. Give: Kingery, JMart, Vince Velasquez Get: Votto (and garbage -- Chacin and Kolton Wong). Thoughts? Leave a link to yours and I'll weigh in.
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