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  1. Looking for a full dynasty league somewhere with 14-18 teams with deep minors and rosters. Preferably on fantrax. Can be established or start-up. Would like to have a friendly super active league with trades, trade offers, FA pick ups, and daily messages.
  2. Are all 3 teams still available? Is this H2H? How trade friendly is it?
  3. Looking for a dynasty league. Have 2 leagues already but looking to find one more league. Can be a start up, established league(depending on team available) Been doing fantasy baseball for a while and dynasty leagues now for 5 plus years. Needs to have a solid size minor leaguers Very experienced and active owner Hit me up if there are spots available
  4. We have two GM's in a 14 team daily 6x6 H2H OBP dynasty league that have told us they do not plan on returning. We are looking for 2 GM's that are active in trades, trade offers, league communication app and daily transactions/ lineups We have ever growing minor league systems and drafts. So if anyone is interested please send me a little Bio to my private messager. If you have any question please feel free to ask
  5. I am not opposed, but I am looking for a deep minor league system, with a draft of rookies every year.
  6. Maybe something small $20? Free league get a lot of draft than bounce or midseason drop outs?
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