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  1. Yeah, we just need to know what the Giants ended up paying him.
  2. Brett Favre lite? He's my starter this week since I took QB waaaaay late. Worked well enough with Stafford his magical season. And yeah, almost certainly going to be dumpoffs to Shenault and Chris Thompson to pad his passing yardage. Might be a little concerned with Shenault around the goal-line with Wildcat looks taking away some of his TDs though. But he might run in enough of them himself to make up for it.
  3. Pretty sure that the COVID virus that killed my Commish's mom was spread by someone who probably didn't take the necessary precautions in her nursing home. End of subject. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/trump-admitted-deliberately-played-coronavirus-threat-reports/story?id=72904348
  4. As someone bouncing back and forth from Alaska to Florida in the past couple of years, Florida's handling of the pandemic has been an utter sh*tshow.
  5. So what's going on in this league these days? You guys made it into a private dynasty league or something?
  6. He's my emergency COVID fill-in all season.
  7. Basically Gibson's floor seems accurately to be "Chris Thompson", with a much higher ceiling.
  8. 24 pages on Rojo, 23 more than he deserves...
  9. If we're talking end zone targets and throwing up jump balls, jump balls against the sideline are a lot less risky than jump balls in the middle of the end zone. So I actually give the edge for TDs to Bryan Edwards if he maintains the starting job the entire way and neither are injured. Carr is talking about trust and throwing it up for his receiver. He's going to give him a chance to make a play on the ball. You throw it high so if the receiver doesn't come down with it, odds are it goes out of bounds. Waller had a lot of yardage but TDs were underwhelming comparatively. Feels l
  10. I could see a Fitzmagic blowup if his cast was healthy, but with a non-healthy cast, consistently making it all the way down the field is hard. Might see a rushing TD or two from Fitzmagic, maaaaybe. Dump offs to RBs. Chan Gailey is back to maybe TE Gisecki has a blowup game playing that "big slot" role that David Nelson / Quincy Enunwa / Brandon Marshall(?) had. Those are my guesses with Preston Williams still showing up on the injury report with a (knee) and Devante starting the season off right with a (hammy).
  11. Wait, so your argument in favor of RoJo not even making it to 1,000 total yards is "well if we count all the times he gained yards when the offense was holding..."
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