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  1. Robles does seems like their go to 8th in guy, with Rogers/Colome fighting for saves. I'm sure they still trust Duffey, but that bullpen is getting full with high leverage options. Might not be getting near the SV/HLDs this year. Especially if this Caleb Thielbar breakout is real (Velo increase, using slider more/higher swstr, avoiding walks)
  2. No, i'm really not. What I'm saying people are jumping the gun on this because he's only 28. Right now it's far more likely the issues he is dealing are mechanical or mental (timing, stance, hands, etc etc) and not due to natural regression. The idea that Baez will regress faster then others because he's so dependent on his gifts, is not one I'm rejecting as a career. I'm rejecting it as a 2021 narrative when he's not that old.
  3. Of course the K% rate spike concerns me. That is the point. We should be concerned about the K% and that's it. It would be weird to think after so many years in the league they suddenly figured him out. So when Baez does decline it will because he's losing some of the edge his raw physical gifts give him.
  4. 1.) Baez has never drawn walks. The only relevant factor for concern would be his K%, not K/BB. 2.) STAPH with the on-pace numbers in April. 3.) His HR total will also be affected if his K% rises. Not just his BA. 4.) His draft price was lower then previous years. You have room struggles and still net value.
  5. We are at 8 SBs with 2 weeks into the season. This dude has always had the speed. Stealing at a Mondesi like rate but a better hitter. Way early, but are we in for a 5X5 fantasy MVP season?
  6. Probably because people are assuming Clarke was going to be a mutli IP RP but he's used 3 times and they were all 1 IP affairs in tight games. Peacock and Smith have been used as the long men. My odds on guess right now would be Crichton getting the first chance. After that, no clue. Prefer Clarke over Ginkel, but Ginkel probably has higher K% Potential
  7. Can someone explain why this thread has been tunneling Ginkel for Arizona over Crichton or Clarke?
  8. or he's just getting up their in mileage Active RP IP 1. Tyler Clippard 795 (2.95 ERA)* 2. Joakim Soria 725 (3.00 ERA)* 3. Joe Smith 697 (3.01 ERA) 4. Sergio Romo 641 (2.93 ERA) 5. Kenley Jansen 639 (2.39 ERA) 6. Mark Melancon 610 (2.83 ERA) 7. Tony Watson 594 (2.79 ERA) 8. Steve Cishek 579 (2.79 ERA) 9. Darin O'Day 579 (2.50 ERA) 10. Craig Kimbrel 573 (2.15 ERA) Everyone here beside Kimbrel and Jansen is considered old AF. *=on IL ATM
  9. You both are just making gut calls right now. Which is fine, but that is all it is. Neither has data on their side for this. It's all very SSS. Kimbrel being garbage in 2019 was a very predictable outcome since he sat out half the season, then got hurts weeks after. Otherwise you are hinging on a 15 IP 2020 sample.
  10. Fernando Rodney has 327 career saves. If you were trying to make a point, that was a bad example
  11. Arizona: Stephen Crichton: Has been used as 7th inning guy/fireman Taylor Clarke: Has been used in 7th and 8th inning, not used in April 4th win. Yoan Lopez: Has been used as a 10th inning guy Kevin Ginkel: Used as a fireman in the 8th when Soria got hurt, not used in April 6th win, behind Clarke/Chricton on April 2nd Alex Young: Trusted Situational Lefty Swarzak/Caleb Smith: Used in low leverage R. Smith/M. Peacock: Long RP If Clarke isn't the April 10th starter. He is ahead of Ginkel. So the closer job would be between Crichton/Clarke IMO.
  12. He's ok, has been mixing his 4 pitches pretty well this/last year. 3 of them are hard, with a slow curve to keep them from timing him. Cutter is the only really good pitch though. Despite being a mid-90's guy. Not going to be as exciting to own as a Clause or Sims, but he's the one with an obvious path. So when the Angles are the home team. They should just forget about using him if they don't get a lead by the bottom of the 8th? Top of the 9th is a traditional closer spot. Every other dedicated closer is pitching there because there is no longer a chance for a save in the g
  13. Man, if a closer can't handle a tied game in the 9th. That is on them, not the manager.
  14. Do you not have Trivino on waviers? Trivino, Clase, Sims, Diekman in that order right now if you do. Garrett hasn't officially lost anything yet and their is an outside chance of Doolittle who appears to be good again and has the infamous "closer experience"
  15. 4 SBs in 4 games is a not a bad start to the season. Hopefully you all didn't fade him in weekly.
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