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  1. I agree. Commish can refund him as we have 13 payments in there now.
  2. We have 13 payments in there now. Refund Thomas one of his and we are good to go.
  3. What? If he can join the league and draft he can pay before.
  4. Awesome, have him join and pay ASAP and we are good to go
  5. We have 11 members in the league - 10 are paid. We need 1 to join and 2 to pay (Dan needs to pay)
  6. No, we have 10. one is echeck, only need two more
  7. Im in the league, but it says double flex in the title and only has one flex. Can you add the second?
  8. Would be interested if commish didnt have total control of league safe. Why not majority approval
  9. I like 2QB and definitely a TE but Im pretty open to the settings if others disagree
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