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  1. 14 teams, standard cats plus holds and OPS. Keep 3 to 9. C - Smith 1B - Freeman 2B - Lux SS - Turner 3B - J. Ramirez LF - Brantley CF - Mercado RF - Choo Util - Tim Anderson Bench - Senzel, Swanson, Kirilloff, Tucker, Akiyama SP - Gallen, Manaea, Colby Smith, Soroka, Keller, Urias, Plesac, Kopech RP - LeClerc, Robles, Pagan, Presley,
  2. 14 team h2h, standard cats, $260 budget, keep 8 plus one minor leaguer. First year in the league, so I had an expansion draft, made a couple of trades, and here we are. Am I in decent shape? Jose Ramirez: $30 Trea Turner: $31 Freedie Freeman: $48 Tim Anderson: $11 Will Smith (C): $5 Zac Gallen: $9 Mike Soroka: $5 Julio Urias: $5 Adley Rutschman: $0 $144 committed, $116 left to draft with.
  3. Starling at $38 or Gary Sanchez at $29. I agree that he’s expensive, I also could just flat out not keep him.
  4. Thank you. I could keep Chris Sale at $21 but it’s likely to be a lost season for him.
  5. First year in a 14 team h2h league with standard cats. Below are my keepers and their auction prices ($260 total budget) Jose Ramirez $30 Trea Turner $31 Freedie Freeman $48 Tim Anderson $11 Mike Soroka $5 Julio Urias $5 Total of $131, leaving $129 for the rest of my team.
  6. $260 budget. 14 teams. Standard cats. Can keep up to 8 players at their respective salaries. Scenario 1: Jose Ramirez ($30), Freddie Freeman ($48), Tim Anderson ($11), Patrick Corbin ($14), Mike Soroka ($5), Juilo Urias ($5). $113 total. Also Chris Sale ($21) and Starling Marte ($38) on the fringe because of their prices. Scenario 2: Jose Ramirez ($30), Freddie Freeman ($48), Trea Turner ($31), Aaron Nola ($26), Tim Anderson ($11), Juilo Urias ($5). $151 total. Also Chris Sale ($21) and Starling Marte ($38) on the fringe because of their prices.
  7. I give: Max Scherzer and Mitch Haniger I get: Clayton Kershaw, Marcell Ozuna, and Willson Contreras I need a C but is it worth the downgrade from Scherzer to Kershaw? My league favors strikeout-heavy pitchers. h2h league 6x6 standard cats plus OPS and K/9.
  8. LOL we get it, you play in the best, most competitive league ever and it is far superior to the leagues that us peasants play in. You would surely finish first in all of our leagues while we would undoubtedly finish in last in yours.
  9. 8 team h2h standard 9 cats. Would you trade away: Karl-Anthony Towns Klay Thompson Milos Teodosic for: Kahwi Leonard Hassan Whiteside Blake Griffin
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