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  1. I'm with you. $25ish league that uses League Safe would be great. Drafting at some point tomorrow (12/27) or next week.
  2. I'd rather have the Thursday game count into Week 1 for sure and play this week as though that game is being played today.
  3. I'm assuming Thursday night's game stats will count for this week...Correct?
  4. Anyone know of any additional updates?
  5. I'd be up for a draft tonight also. Tonight's game is only 1 game. Not a huge deal. $20-$50 ideally.
  6. I'll be "that guy". This isn't a slam dunk for me. I really like the combination of Madrigal/Robinson. Would he be willing to throw in a 3rd higher level prospect? I'd be listening for sure.
  7. This is a reach I know. Very deep league. 2 straight effective (albeit short) outings. Anything to see here?
  8. With the lack of minor league game conditions and scouts not being able to evaluate as usual, what are the chances that various sites have an updated "Midseason Top 50/100" list as they would under normal circumstances?
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