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  1. Tucker's in the starting 9 tonight!! Nice!!
  2. Off day Monday. Hoping for Tuesday or Wednesday. Question is...Will he be back to an everyday role or will they "baby" him heading into the post season?
  3. Weekly league... Thoughts on putting him in your lineup this week? I'd hate to lose an entire week's stats if he goes on the DL and/or plays only 1 or 2 games.
  4. Darn. That's what I figured. Thanks for the input!
  5. So probably only 1 start next week...Correct?
  6. Rotoworld says CLE... CBS says @ NYY and @TOR. Anyone have any insight?
  7. Pick a side in a vacuum. Keep a player forever. No consequences. Who wins this year? Who wins beyond this year? Team A receives - Eugenio Suarez, Dylan Carlson, Jarren Duran Team B receives - Andrew Vaughn, Garrett Mitchell, Heliot Ramos
  8. Thoughts on Luzardo? I have him stashed in a dynasty league with 6 minors spots. Is he a hold? Drop? Should I drop for a guy like Heliot Ramos? Garrett Mitchell?
  9. Assuming immediate ABs and consistent playing time...Correct? Thoughts on adjustments to big league pitching?
  10. Does anyone know the Games Played minimum for players to acquire position eligibility in ESPN? I'm assuming it can be set and varies league to league, but I'm in an ESPN league through LeagueSafe and can't find it in the settings. I'm specifically speaking about Ohtani and Yordan Alvarez. In my CBS league, they both have OF eligibility. However, in my ESPN, they have only U eligibility. The extra OF flexibility would be huge for me. Anyone know that ESPN default?
  11. Any word on whether he will it will be a 1 start or 2 start week for him? Conflicting reports on different sites. It's all dependent on when Odorizzi comes back up.
  12. Next up...Gonsolin? Price? Other?
  13. Weekly deep league...5x5 Roto 2 catcher league. I know this is a stretch for some of these guys, but that's where I'm at. I currently have Stassi on the DL. Who should I pick up? F. Mejia, J. Trevino, Zunino, R. Perez...Other?. ...Or...Wait for Stassi to come off the DL? I like Mejia, but I don't know if he will get enough ABs to be relevant. Any thoughts? WHIR
  14. Any other opinions or anyone have other information? Last year Ohtani played ZERO games in the OF. Alvarez's knee issue worries me that they may not play him in the field at all.
  15. I have both (oops on draft day) Ohtani and Yordan. I have only one DH spot. Is there any chance one or both gain position eligibility? Will either play just a little 1B (or other position) during the year?
  16. Hello, Looking to join a league $25-$50. Prefer head-to-head categories or roto snake draft. Prefer no max moves (or a high number) yearly and/or weekly...respond if you have an opening.
  17. Clarifying. So redraft, but waiver pickups are based upon a $100 budget? Once your budget runs out, you can no longer pick up players?
  18. Never done this, but figured what the heck. 5 x 5 Roto League. 11 Teams Weekly lineups. Odd lineup requirements. Two 2B. Two SS. Two C. 5 OF. 2 Utility. 1 Corner IF. 32 roster spots. I drafted in the 6th spot. I went heavy on position players early, but still think I did OK (not great) with my SP/RP. I tried to draft quantity at SP as the draft unfolded hoping I could find a few diamonds. C - Stassi, Severino 1B - D. Smith, Muncy 2B - Madrigal, Hampson 3B - Arenado, Bohm SS - Mondesi, C. Taylor OF - Trout, Tucker, Harper, Carlson, McNeil U - JD Martinez, Ohtani (if I don't use him as SP for the week), Wander Franco (Stash) SP - Berrios, Lamet, Luzardo, McKenzie, Ohtani, Plesac, Wheeler, Gonsolin, D. May, J. Montgomery, F. Valdez, F. Peralta RP - Colome, Pagan, D. Castillo
  19. I have him in a redraft league. Rolling the dice. He will produce if/when he gets the call. I'm hoping it's sooner rather than later.
  20. Castillo the guy in TB? Fairbanks get some chances? Thoughts?
  21. Any update on him? Thoughts in a redraft league?
  22. I would think about Edman for Happ if that extra $$ helps this year. I think Edman is going to have a better all around year.
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