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  1. That appears to be the case and in week 15 they play the Texans, which TY usually has good games against
  2. I feel like I am picking between Patrick and Hilton, unless Minshew is named the starter again, then perhaps Chark is in the picture
  3. I am in a standard league and lost Fuller and no idea when Golladay will return. I am in need of a WR for weeks 15 and 16. Out of these options who would you prefer from the Waiver Wire? Chark Boyd Patrick Hilton Reagor Thanks for your help.
  4. Well, for my team I am just looking at him as a fill in for the week. However, this kid has his fanboys and if he puts up another game of 8+ targets and they draw up a couple plays just for him perhaps KC sees how he can be a game changer. Not sure I have the room to keep him so I would try to ride the hype train and sell high to owners that love having pieces of this KC offense if he blows up again.
  5. Watkins out again. After his usage last week I am gonna roll with the hot hand. KC just seems even more potent when he is getting opportunities. Thoughts?
  6. I think I prefer Ruggs and his playmaking ability. But depends on your lineup. If you have a solid team and looking for the boom player it’s Ruggs.
  7. Love A-Robs playoff schedule. If I don’t get this bigger trade done I will probably offer Fuller for A-Rob straight up.
  8. Always throw out offers. Some times they bite. Or at very least you plant the seed for potential trades.
  9. Well, it is considered a minor injury and it’s only Wednesday. I don’t think the injury is a big deal. But he has a long list of injury issues. Just trying to sell him strictly out of panic for the Gaskin owner.
  10. I would drop one of your TE’s, whomever you prefer to keep out of the 2. I have them pretty even ROS. Drop Gio, Mixon will be back soon. I think Drake AND Henderson would be solid pickups. Out of the WR’s I like Mike Williams the most out of the bunch, the way Herbert is dealing now.
  11. McKinnon for sure. The other 2 are high end handcuffs and the 49ers don’t even trust McKinnon when their top 3 guys go down. Keep the lottery tickets
  12. Standard league- Redraft I would trade Fuller, Hurst and Breida to a Gaskin owner for A-Rob and Waller. That team is 3-5 and looking for RB help and Fuller has his bye compared to A-Rob who has not. Hoping to upgrade my TE position.
  13. Unless he was on the cover! Then I would have him off my draft board entirely.
  14. Any idea if he believes the Antonio Brown hype?
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