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  1. I think it's more fluid than you think. Obviously teams looking for a QB have plans to deal with that in the draft. And then some of those teams will be left empty-handed because their draft board went tits up for whatever reason. Of those teams there is possibly a deal that the Texans could go for, because theoretically he is still an option for "someone" at that point. More deals are available now I agree. Texans FO is so damn dumb they should have made a deal yesterday imo. I'm not advocating incompetence (which is what this is) - just keeping an open mind as to what is possible.
  2. I just wanted to amend the above to say he's more desirable in OPS leagues. AVG is a liability for Chapman.
  3. Yep - he's a decent guy to grab post-8th round if things haven't gone as planned at 3B. He's one of the last legit power hitters at the position at that point. In mocks sometimes I don't get him at all if I "wait" to start queueing him in the 8th round. That seems a bit high for me in a 12-team league, as there are other more attractive options imo at other positions. I know if I could get him I'd be happy about it - I do not target him though.
  4. Hello- I need owners in a 12-team re-draft H2H on Yahoo. One spot is currently open. This is a 10X10 H2H - "one-win" format (cats below). Yes it is a bit wild - I never thought I'd like it at first but it has proven to be quite entertaining. I "inherited" this league a decade ago and asked owners back then if they wanted to condense the cats - they did not, and it has since grown on me. Our 6-team playoff begins Week 21, so we wrap things up with 2 weeks left in the regular MLB season. It costs $20 to get in. Payout is $180/$40/$20 for 1/2/3. I have always previously used PayPal
  5. Agreed - Philly drafts a QB but likely waits until Day 3 or so of the draft.
  6. Assuming my assumption is correct you'd have to ask him. However - he can opt out after this year (beginning 2022 calendar yr), so that gives me some pause. Regardless - you can't say he hasn't been paid: Current Contract Russell Wilson signed a 4 year, $140M new money extension with the Seattle Seahawks on April 15, 2019 that included a $65M signing bonus, $107M of total guarantees, and an average annual salary of $35M. At the time of signing this deal was the highest average paid contract, most total guarantees, and biggest signing bonus in NFL history. CONTRACT TERMS:
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