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  1. Wait, what? What's your problem with Arenado? He's on the short list for best baseball player in the world
  2. Aaaaaaand Francona leaves Clevinger in the game too long for like the 14th time this season. I seriously hate that guy (he’s probably super nice but he can’t manage a baseball team for s--- and it pains me)
  3. Unless he literally only had one available relief pitcher today, bringing out Clevinger for the 8th was an objectively terrible decision.
  4. It's completely inexcusable. He'd already thrown 100 pitches through 7 and just sat through the longest half inning of the game.
  5. I don't know; all I see is that Trea Turner grounded out in the first inning. I do know, however, that if one of your pitchers giving up three runs is going to give you this kind of anguish you're going to have a very long summer. It will happen to you dozens of times.
  6. 3 times in 15 starts. fyi, you can look this stuff up
  7. Foltynewicz with 7 k's 1BB 1ER (Hoskins dinger) through 4 IP, held composure with runners on in the 3rd and 4th innnings * I'm not watching the game
  8. http://www.fantasyalarm.com/mlb/lineups/
  9. Tyler Glasnow will pitch in relief in Wednesday's game versus the Pirates. Advice: Glasnow will get another start sometime this month, but he'll make a relief appearance first. He allowed five runs and walked six over just 2 2/3 innings in a start last week. There's still definite long-term upside here, but he can't be trusted in fantasy leagues right now. More: Stephen J. Nesbitt on Twitter (Rotoworld.com) Obviously won't be "versus the Pirates" (unless you're making a joke about how his walks and such hurt the team) but there you have it
  10. I'm seeing Brault tomorrow, Glasnow on Tuesday Edit: pirates beat reporter just tweeted Taillon goes on Monday. Can he be trusted though? Seems like a desperate play considering Taillon's performance of late
  11. I mean, he throws mid 90's with a bit of movement on the fastball and quite possibly the best control of any pitcher in the big leagues.
  12. You can think you're being generous with your prediction, but it would be just that - your prediction, not a ceiling. Ceiling is the best case scenario, which for most any big league pitcher is higher that what you stated, let along for this guy. Ivan Nova friggin rules. If having this god-send of a pitcher on your team is a burden to you because his K rate isn't high enough, I don't even know what to say. Maybe go offer him in a trade for Trevor Bauer?
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