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  1. I'd say it's a 50/50 shot... really does depend on Ben. If JuJu goes off I think you are sunk.
  2. 1PPR league I am down by 11.34 points with 2 WR's left to play tonight (my opponent is done). Do I stick with JuJu and Agholor or should I switch out Agholor for Martavius Bryant? I am trying to think of any crazy scenario where I won't get 12 points like JuJu or Agholor gets hurt and then the other gets shut down. If I play both Steelers receivers do you think I am guaranteed the win or am I getting too cute with it?
  3. Agree with Wynter, Cole for higher potential Wright for safe play. Thanks for th help on mine.
  4. I'd continue to roll with Rudolph. Dude has been finding the endzone. Stick with Shepherd, he's going to continue to get a ton of targets and has a higher ceiling IMO. Thanks for the reply on mine.
  5. WR: Fitz, JuJu, M. Bryant, Agholor Need three WR's, this is a 1 PPR league. I currently have Fitz, JuJu, and Martavis Bryant starting but concerned about starting both Pitt WR's even though I think both are a better option than Agholor.
  6. RB's: McCoy, Howard, McCaffrey, L. Murray, Aaron Jones, E. Penny Need 2 RB's, currently have McCoy and McCaffrey in as starters. This is a 1 PPR league.
  7. Need 1 Stafford or Keenum. My thoughts... I have Stafford in right now. That said Keenum has averaged in my league over the past 4 weeks 24.75 points per game. Over that same time Stafford has averaged 17.86 points per game. Stafford has gone up against tougher D's and according to defensive stats, that is the case this week as well. What say you?
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