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  1. A very dangerous territory for the game of baseball. No idols, No vocal leaders, no faces of the game. Trout’s too vanilla, no black superstars, and definitely no McGwires or Sosa’s to save this dying game i have never been so disinterested in baseball before. very sad. See ya baseball. I’ll probably take my child and future children to some games. Cheapest of the big four and will even be cheaper in the years to come. So I can be thankful for that. We’ll probably only make it to the fifth inning though.
  2. And you’re talking about Belichick, he works his players to the damn bone. This dude ain’t got that work ethic in him. He doesn’t take orders, he can’t be coached, the definition of an individualistic personality
  3. I agree, his public displays and social media posts are beyond reproach. Its a totally skewed risk vs. reward proposition
  4. AB gets 30 mil guaranteed voided, Julio gets $66M/3 years. In the end, the universe tends to unfold as it should.
  5. Looks like a Nicorette guy, me too. Like a damn cow grazing
  6. Yeah...one of those $1/1 day contracts if you know what I mean
  7. It’s a week by week contract and another option is to deactivate for the year. No trade value, no release, play to pay on a weekly basis. Simple
  8. Dude is done, will NEVER play another snap anywhere. Teams won’t touch him, they will not sacrifice a man’s health (physical or mental) or the camaraderie of the other 52 to win football games. Raiders were one of the few dumb suitors to even try, no there’s no dumb suitors left.
  9. No where, no one will even dare take a chance. You’re sacrificing the whole locker room with this guy
  10. What an absolute LASER from Stanton. Good God, book 60 easily
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