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  1. Swapped in Ekeler after seeing this. But good gracious am I going to be pissed when Mixon goes off anyway.
  2. who's starting Mack in their championship?
  3. This quote is gonna make me a huge Jameis fan if Howard balls out. Flipped w/ Higbee.
  4. parker came up gimpy after a catch in miami
  5. Apparently he was on "the doubtful side" of questionable leading up to this game. but fug, that 25 PPR point upside against miami is hard to overlook. think im going to sit him but i won't be shocked if he goes for 6 - 90 - TD or something like that
  6. picked him up for a 5th rounder. optimistic that he finds his groove again. dalton coming back a big plus?
  7. Saw Chark got injured, anyone with updates?
  8. One post ago you were promising that Chase would be exposed by volume. Now you're saying that he only succeeded because of the defense. Man, what's it gonna be if he blows up next week? Sometimes people look good cuz they are good.
  9. this uh didn't age well. Haven't heard much of anything re DJ's injury, does Chase have potential multi-week usage going forward?
  10. Man, @MrPositive just straight up lying. WTF. Should get thread bans for that. Anyway. Ekeler aint going anywhere. RB2 rest of the year imo.
  11. 14 team + PPR flex, just a handcuff everywhere else. This is Carson's show. They gave him like 50 carries between the two games, even with the short week.
  12. can i start saying atoadaso to the doubters yet
  13. member when everyone was saying that carson was done? i member.
  14. Like a Cat Jesus, Gordon has Risen for the ninth time.
  15. So far, so good! Also, apparently the alleged victim is looking for a $10 million settlement after asking for a $2 million settlement before.
  16. Weren't there reports pregame that Brady/Bill wanted to 'feed' AB? He got 8 targets on 24 snaps. For his first game in NE, I think most of us figured he would be limited. I had him in my flex this week, but I was really encouraged by what I saw.
  17. Week 3 and beyond he's a WR1 assuming he's playing. That's pretty much the whole discussion. Brady loves him and he's clearly the team's top target. Anybody doubting a Top 10 WR working with the GOAT QB and the GOAT coach is just overthinking it.
  18. I think that's probably as rational as assuming that there will be.
  19. my only fear. otherwise he's a set it and forget it WR1 ROS. by the time he and brady are 100% on the same page... ooh boy. only thing stopping him is that potential suspension.
  20. hard to complain about 120 yards and 10 YPC. really easy to be bitter seeing all of those TDs go to everyone else >:[
  21. this guy has been memed to relevancy by the internet. when are we gonna accept that he's just an upside WR3 and start treating him like one?
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