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  1. Let me know when the league is full and the OP has been added to make this a superflex and i will pay the dues. Thanks
  2. Need 1 more. league settings below League Settings Braggin Rights DFW View: Summary Basic Settings Draft Rosters Scoring Teams and Divisions Transactions and Keepers Schedule Basic SettingsEDIT League Name
  3. Need 3 owners for a redraft ESPN 12 team PPR league. $40 entry fee. 100% payout through leaguesafe. Bragging rights DFW is in its 13th season. This is a fun, exciting, high scoring PPR league. Weekly team scores will be 450-650 range. The scoring system is more fun than the traditional system. $40 buy-in, 100% payout through Leaguesafe. 1st: $220 2nd: $130 3rd: $90 Winner of the losers bracket: $40 Draft will be Tuesday, Aug 27 at 9PM EST, 8 PM for those of you in Dallas (CST) Snake draft with order determined at random 1 hr before draft. Email me at genesisgkh@tx.rr.co
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