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  1. The “Top 10 DST Experts” on fantasypros had cards ranked higher than broncos. I wish they’d all retire.
  2. I also dropped two players that I'd drafted because they didn't perform well in Week 1, and I was too impatient to give them a chance. Of course they had great games and more opportunities yesterday. I need to stop being so impatient, but I'm worried that if I don't pounce on the waiver wire, someone else will grab the next league winner.
  3. I had a bad feeling about David Johnson but started him anyway because all the "experts" had him ranked so high. My gut was telling me to start Ekeler or Lindsay. I think what stops me is that I would be so embarrassed if David Johnson scored a ton of points and the sleeper was bad, whereas it's not embarrassing when it's the other way around. I wonder if the experts feel the same way and just follow the consensus rather than their own guts when ranking players with uncertain roles?
  4. Perhaps B.B. didn’t use Lewis much last week because he missed practice with an illness. I doubt he was close to 100%. How quickly do you guys bounce back if you’re so sick you have to take day off? If you’re lucky enough to have players going tonight, you can decide tomorrow if you need a RB with more upside or you want to play safe.
  5. Mixon also injured his shoulder on that play. Anyone seen any news on the extent of that injury?
  6. Silva's article says that Funchess missed practice on Friday, but the general Rotoworld news said he was a full participant in all practices. Anyone know the scoop? Nervous enough about starting him against Rhodes. If he's majorly banged up I will probably start someone else.
  7. The match-up doesn't sound good at all. Of the four studs listed below, only one had a decent game against Patrick Robinson. Kupp enters Week 14 with five-plus catches in four straight games, but his matchup is imposing against Eagles slot CB Patrick Robinson, who has PFF’s No. 3 coverage grade behind only Casey Hayward and Jalen Ramsey. The last four notable slot receivers to face Philly are Doug Baldwin (5/84/0), Kendall Wright (2/15/0), Cole Beasley (2/7/0), and Jamison Crowder (2/28/0).
  8. It kills me when points get taken away due to penalties. Lutz' 46-yard field goal was eliminated due to bad formation, and he wasn't allowed to re-kick b/c first half was over. Would've had 9 points instead of 5. If I lose my playoff game by less than 4 points I'm definitely quitting this year.
  9. Hi this came from Pro Football Focus. May be subscriber-only content.
  10. His 85 yards against Chargers was second most they’ve given up to any wide receiver. Casey Hayward shadowed him on 71% of routes and was responsible for 76 of these yards. Hayward hasn’t given up over 80 yards to any wide receiver in the past two years.
  11. Made me nervous that he had a goose egg until garbage time last week. I wonder if his toe is still bothering him.
  12. What amazes me is that Gordon had these incredible, athletic performances while drunk. Imagine what he can do sober? I’m so excited about this kid. Feels like we won the lottery. ?. Can’t wait to watch him this weekend.
  13. I’ve scored most points in league and I’m about to be 6-7. My team isn’t boom or bust either. Luckily 8 out of 12 teams make playoffs so I hope to get my sweet revenge.
  14. Was Hayward shadowing him all day? He is ranked #1 CB by profootballfocus.
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