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  1. 0.5 PPR, 4pt Pass TDs I'm in 3rd but, 3-way tie and Top 4 get in. Win and In or lose and hope one of other two lose as well. QB: Josh Allen, Fitz RB: Carson, Jones, Jacobs, Penny, Snell WR: Nuk, Hill, Kupp, Hilton TE: Kelce D Houston, NOLA Do I drop Josh Allen (I know hes been good but toughest schedule coming), Fitz or Snell for Tannehill? Also, drop Houston (only streaming this week) for MIN D vs Blough...?
  2. Waivers moves too? I'm 8th out of 10 so doubt Mattison will be there.
  3. 10 Team, 0.5 PPR, 4pt Pass TDs, 7-6 in 3rd Place (Top 4 in Playoff). 3-way tie for 3rd and 4th. Win and In or lose and need 1 of other 2 to lose (I have big pts lead) Start QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, Normal Flex, D, K QB: Josh Allen, Darnold, Fitz RB: Jones, Carson, Jacobs, Singletary, Penny WR: Nuk, Hill, Kupp, Hilton, Kirk TE: Kelce D CAR Have stashed Josh Allen, Darnold, and Fitz. Darnold burned me last week but has MIA. Fitz been on fire and has NYJ Allen has been fire even in tough matchups past 2 weeks..but likely had toughest D all
  4. Thanks for reminding me. I apologize for offending your sensibilities. Figured this was a fantasy community.
  5. Jesus H.Q. Christ. 0.4 pts away from playoffs. So..next week, I win and in too. If I lose, I need 1 of 2 teams to lose as well.
  6. You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me. !!!!!!!! I needed 0.6 pts in a 0.5 PPR league. Have Nuk. Caught a pass and needed maybe 2 yds.....AND WENT BACKWARDS!!! Got 0.2 pts!!!! GTFO. Going to lose by 0.4!!!!!
  7. But....I bet OBrien pulls the starters and I lose by 0.6 pts and do or die next week...
  8. Need just 1 more catch from Nuk for at least 2 yards...then have then kneel the ball for the win And I'm in playoffs.
  9. I'm down by 5pts and only have have Nuk. Dale the pass td!!!
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