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  1. You can’t believe a word Pom Pom Pete says. He flat out lies on injury reports.
  2. actually he went 1/2 on XP’s and 1/1 on FG’s iirc. Cowboys are 2nd in offensive efficiency and tied for 3rd in most field goals attempted this year (30). Also don’t have to worry about weather in JerryWorld. He’s a bit of a wild card but I am seriously considering him over other WW guys like Prater and Gay.
  3. Pete Carrol is a lying scumbag. It’s disgraceful what he gets away with wrt lying on injury reports.
  4. Mike Evans, Tyreek Hill, Tyler Lockett have combined for LIKE 20 POINTS IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS COMBINED
  5. Lockett has been open, but Wilson has been running around trying to throw bombs on every pass play. It’s infuriating.
  6. Watson has such a low floor. So frustrating. Buttchin and the O-line are so effing terrible.
  7. This Colts D is so annoying. Gonna be another 9 point game for Watson.
  8. I had to, due to byes. Pleasantly surprised w/ the 10 points.
  9. does Arians even care? He looks like he couldn’t be less interested in what’s happening on the field.
  10. Yeah, he was 6th going into this week I believe
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