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  1. As a Cook owner who is an underdog, this could have been a huge game. Going against Jefferson too added some salt in the wound on that last drive.
  2. Schefter posted the scenarios and it doesn’t look locked up for the Chiefs. Unless scenario 4 is basically a 99.9% chance.
  3. I feel like higher seed makes more sense than bench points. Especially if it is a keeper or dynasty league. Gives more importance to a strong regular season.
  4. I [...] am debating. [...] I’m just worried pinning my hopes on a rookie qb in his 3rd game.
  5. I saw a tweet saying it looked like he was hurt and not on the last drive. Granted, that tweet was deleted. Did he come back in?
  6. If you’re a Cook owner in the semis, is he a pretty safe drop at this point? Even if Cook gets hurt, I’m not sure he’s very safe to start if you have a decent backup.
  7. So for future fantasy reference, it’s pretty safe to assume a game won’t get cancelled in a given week due to Covid. You may just need to worry that you’re player catches it after the point you are able to sub them out.
  8. Less than 9 PPR points from Ebron. I’m very much in favor of this being in Week 18.
  9. My thought is that would be close contacts that are deemed eligible to play.
  10. Not looking like it will be played this week.
  11. I’m starting Edmonds with Carson likely out and Gallman on bye. I’m hoping it’s high scoring enough that Edmonds can be involved in the passing game and maybe take a screen pass into the end zone.
  12. He’s probably owned in most leagues, but curious if people are targeting Edmonds. With Drake in a 1-year contract and likely drafting him late, could he be a good keeper for next year? Or unlikely he’s a starter next year?
  13. I think with Yahoo, as long as you enter the claim before he is changed to Q, you are able to make the move. Not sure if that’s similar with ESPN.
  14. Thoughts on firing him up this week? He’s got a good matchup with the Vikings, but the Chase Daniels possibility has me worried.
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