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  1. Fant going today or Kmet tomorrow in half point. Fant seems like the upside play that never happens and Kmet seems on the upswing - leaning Kmet.
  2. I have a similar situation too - Fant and Kmet - Fant is in my lineup now, but been leaning Kmet the last couple days - Kedricks out, Graham questionable with a hip issue - Fant as the previous commenter said - been a ghost, that doughnut about killed me last week - luckily my opponent had Debo
  3. I agree with your plan- only replace Davis with CEH if CMC is not out.
  4. Went with my gut and stated Akers - so great start, but now have the dilemma of who to start from this group. More of a running back heavy league as you get 3 points for every 5 carries and same fir every 5 catches (quasi half point). Can only start 4 of the following: Jonathan Taylor Deandre Hopkins Justin Jefferson Dk Metcalf Calvin Ridley other start RB is Kamara - so obviously he is staying put. Been thinking of benching Hopkins as crazy as that sounds.
  5. Golloday or Gallup in a half PPR Corey Davis or Hurst in a full PPR
  6. Jeremy Hermida Daric Barton Chad Billingsly
  7. From what I know (and I am a CPA, not an doctor of any sort) HQC is a less toxic form of QC, which is why QC is only used when HQC cannot be used. One of the big issues has to do eye issues - can cause irreversible damage. Even with HQC, my wife had to have an eye exam before starting the medication to make sure there were no issues before use and also is checked for changes annually.
  8. Did you actually read the article? Basically only hydroxycholoquine is mentioned as a treatment possibility - in the title because trump mentioned both - assuming he doesn’t know the difference between the side effects of both and that choloquine itself is only used in instances where hydroxycholoquine cannot be used - at least in lupus patients, as that is my only experience as my wife uses hydroxycholoquine for that purpose.
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