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  1. Seems like I ask this question every week. Who shall I start? At TE: Davis vs Az or Cook vs Cowboys At Flex: JuJu vs Pats, Mixon(if cleared) vs Minn, Hogan vs Pitt, Westbrook vs Texans, Agholor vs NYG
  2. Who to Start as a Flex? Hogan at Fins Agholor at Rams
  3. My opponent has Thomas and Freeman from Thursday night and has 40 between them already.
  4. QB: Big Ben vs Ravens, Dak vs NYG RB: Mike Davis vs Jags, J Williams vs Browns, A Jones vs Browns Flex: Westbrook Seattle, Hogan vs Fins on Monday, Mike Davis vs Jags, J Williams, A Jones
  5. I'd play JuJu. While a divisional game is important, the game next week vs the Pats is more important. I'd think they'd want him as healthy as possible for that game.
  6. So with the news of Brown, not sure who to play. I have a flex and WR spot. The players I have available are Mixon, Brown, or JuJu. Big Ben is my QB and I'm down 36 points. Please help.
  7. 1. Pick who to start at RB and Flex: JuJu, Mixon, J Williams or pickup A Jones 2. Pick 2 for Flex and 1 for RB: D Lewis, Marvin Jones, Diggs, Mixon, Josh Gordon, Ajayi, pickup E Sanders or A Jones,
  8. The owner is out of the playoffs and said he wants a reasonable offer. However I wanted to make it fair. If anything he needs a WR and TE.
  9. Want to get ready for the last 2 weeks of the FF regular season and the playoffs. Currently in 2nd and need 1 more win to secure a playoff spot. Also I'm top in the league for points. What could I offer for Ingram or Peterson that wouldn't get vetoed? I know they're on different tiers, but feel they both are better than my RBs outside of Gurley. Here is my team: QB: Dak, Big Ben RB: Gurley, Mixon, Abdullah, Williams(GB) WR: Brown, Dez, Parker, JuJu, Hogan TE: Cook, Kroft
  10. Who to start between Dak vs Philly and Big Ben vs Titans? I am also starting JuJu, A Brown, and Dez this week.
  11. Unless Dez doesn't play and since Hogan is injured, looking to start one as my Flex. Who should I start between Parker and Smith?
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