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  1. Bell is an RFA next year - unless he is a complete headcase/locker room problem (and I don't think that?) he will get an offer and he will be gone
  2. Is Kerr trying to teach him a lesson here? Does anyone know his defensive impact last year - his statistical rating? I though it was outstanding - esp for a rookie
  3. He's still an ok Dynasty guy IMO - KCP one year deal and they probs won't re-sign IT therefore starting sg next year?
  4. Hey Michael


    its Rich (dunbar bluedevils)  from SYA league

    ESPN isn't working so I'm messaging you here


    will u do 1.12 for my second rounder next year?


    lemme know


    email me at richnewell@hotmail.com


    i don't use the rotoworld forums much anymore


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