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  1. Interview with coach before yesterday’s game said mccaffrey “a couple weeks away”.
  2. If only we had some stats or tendencies before today’s game.. oh wait And that’s why this sub is so lousy
  3. Funny I was just thinking of posting exactly this. Lots of posters here are just hype monkeys and trollers. I picked up Scottie miller and Sammy Watson but started Lazard over them both.
  4. How can anyone be this high on him after he broke down after 2 weeks in a limited roll and then re-aggravated his injury in week 3 and couldn’t even finish the game?
  5. Yeah I remember it and as a fan it was very upsetting to see it nullified due to holding where it really looked like legit blocking by Emanuel sanders. Please share clip if anyone has it
  6. Does anyone have the clip of the touchdown that was called back due to “holding” on Emanuel sanders?
  7. This needs to be re-tweeted a few thousand times. What a total Buffoon on those play calls.
  8. They literally just completed a 30 yard pass to him and had a rushing TD for him that was waived off by some clown in stripes. Are you on a delayed broadcast?
  9. I’m sorry but that’s a pretty ******** weak a** call to waive off that Chubb td.
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