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  1. Singletary is safer, but this is as good a week as any to stack Watson/Fuller in what should be a high scoring game vs a bad secondary. I think the risk of Fuller is worth it here. As long as he doesn't aggravate the hammy, I'd consider his points from last week to be his absolute floor again, which shouldn't kill you vs what Singletary is likely to do.
  2. I think that's getting too cute. Jones has had a few multiple-TD games against tough defenses and can get a lot of receptions, where Boone won't see much in the passing game. Start your stud. Boone is not Cook.
  3. Bailey. The dome is safe, and more fun to have someone left on MNF for the championship, especially if opponent is done.
  4. I think I'd go Shepard/Sanders. No trust in Thielen or OBJ. I think NO limits Brown with Lattimore. Singletary vs NE doesn't excite me and since it's full PPR, I'd favor Sanders over Boone even if Mattison is out, and regardless of whether Howard is back for PHI. Good luck.
  5. Watson slightly over Ross. I think Perriman gets a lot more CB attention as the #1 and Winston will see better matchups with Watson and hit him for a few big plays.
  6. It's close, but I'd stick with Chubb. I'd put Mack in over guys like Gurley, Gordon, Conner, etc. but probably not Chubb.
  7. Pretty close. Would give Andrews the edge, with more TD threat and way better QB, but if you're playing it really safe, Waller might have the higher floor.
  8. WR: Williams, Gallup, Samuel RB: Sanders, Mack Don't trust Thielen this year and Anderson has bad matchup. Boone joins the conversation if Mattison out, but would probably still start Sanders/Mack.
  9. I'd rank them: 1. Sanders (with no Howard) 2. Boone (with no Mattison) 3. Sanders (with Howard) 4. Washington 5. Brown 6. Mostert 7a. Woods 7b. Boone (with Mattison)
  10. I'm also starting Mack and Lindsay and think that's the safest floor play due to great matchups and likely touch counts. If you're a heavy underdog though, I'd consider White over Lindsay for the hope of one of those 9 rec, 2TD games, and with Freeman still in on way too many snaps and Denver's offense kind of unpredictable.
  11. Washington and Singletary as of now Tough matchup for Higbee, and never know what kind of targets Brown will get. I'd play Boone over Singletary if Mattison ruled out before NE/BUF Sat game, and Boone over Washington if Mattison ruled out before OAK/LAC Sun game. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/792314-2qb-league-jimmy-g-or-rivers/
  12. Scott if no Howard, otherwise Gaskin. Could be worse.
  13. Going back and forth on this one. Have Winston at QB1 but have to decide between Jimmy and Rivers at QB2. On one hand, Jimmy might have a big bounce back game after the embarassing loss to ATL, pouring on the points to make a statement the same way DAL did vs LAR last week. On the other hand, the Rams couldn't stop the DAL run game either, and SF could go with a conservative run-based game plan, especially with all their RB's healthy. Rivers is obviously hard to trust at all at this point, but has three things going for him this week: 1) Volume is always there 2) OAK defense is terrible, and OAK offense not as likely to control clock without Jacobs and 3) Probably Rivers' last home game as a Charger, maybe as an NFL starter period. Maybe he comes out with a huge game without the careless turnovers. Would you consider Jimmy the safer floor play and Rivers the risky ceiling play? Jimmy has also shown a high ceiling in a few games. For what it's worth, I'm a slight underdog and going against Lamar. Most rankings have the two neck and neck in the mid-teens. What would you do?? Thanks!
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