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  1. I'm on the verge of dropping him, drafted him as a rookie, I can only keep so long, he hasn't produced, I'm tired of waiting.
  2. I believe he was talking about the app.
  3. I would not, but I guess if a team needs pitching, that might trump my opinion.
  4. I'd do it, I'd also would ask for another player, maybe a minor leaguer, if they balk, take the deal as is.
  5. Agreed, and one of the best players over-all.
  6. With Cano out of the picture, are we looking at the starting 2B for the Mets? If not, what will be his role, how many AB's ? In a lot of leagues he is eligible at 2B,3B, and OF.
  7. I'm not in favor of drafting players prior to their draft class, to each their own though.
  8. Have a FYPD starting today in a h2h cat league, any resent drafts anyone would like to post? I will post the results of our draft.
  9. I own him in 2 leagues, I have no big expectations for him, most prospects never live up to hype. He was a FA. I will wait and see how he progresses, if he doesn't work out, I'll drop him, and take a flier on someone else.
  10. I think he has a good chance to be the everyday 2B. I like his game a lot, and his multiple position eligibility is a game changer.
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