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  1. Wait, so you're saying they're so good it takes 3 of your picks to draft two players? and how do you know they will be run first? Both had more than 100 receptions last season. The chemistry is only going to get better with cousins
  2. I like me some fitz this season, his adp has dipped from decency bias, he's going to do all he can to make Murray look good, if Murray is smart, he will rely on fitz to make him look good, thus, expecting a spike in receptions and yards
  3. What's up with yahoo? I re enrolled our league but every time I enter, it only gives me the option of joining a new league or creating another one. Never seen that before, desktop fine, but mobile pads have the issue
  4. Do u think a lot of the blurb writers read the forums?
  5. whats the chinese lady holding her breathe reference to?

    1. lilkhmerkid4u


      Korean TV show...it was a contest who can hold their breath the longest

    2. lilkhmerkid4u
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