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  1. If you watch Montgomery run, he has a little Leveon Bell to his style, where he's patient until he finds the hole. Earlier in the season, there were no holes to find and that hesitation was hurting him. Now that the line is playing better, he is able to find holes and he has always been someone who doesn't go down on first contact. He turned no gains into 1 or 2 yard runs earlier in the year. Now he's turning 5 yards runs into 8-10 yard runs. I'll admit I am surprised as anyone that he was able to rip off some longer runs because the one thing I didn't think he had was breakaway speed. I
  2. This is great. Just curious what kind of money is at stake in this league?
  3. I mean he can, but by the time the running back turns around, catches it at his knees, stabilizes and turns up field, Lamar Jackson could have just taken off and be 5 yards past the RB.
  4. I would guess he's going to "win" the snap % battle between the 3 running backs. Probably the best news is Ingram wasn't on the field at all, so it's at least down to a two horse battle now. Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle to his emergence is Lamar Jackson. Those dump offs to the running back too often turn into scrambles by Jackson because, well, why dump it off when every scramble has the potential for a huge play? Most running plays are read/options as well, so Jackson keeps it on a good majority on those as well. He's their best Running back, he's just not the best player in their
  5. I have 3 or 4 guys who are in play for my flex spot. [...] I think the news with Mims is enough of a mover to put him to the top of the list.
  6. I'd love to hear the rationale behind that projection.
  7. I'm down by 16 points and I can start one of the 3 tonight in a half point PPR: Zeke Dobbins Marquise Brown At this point, I'm leaning Dobbins, but I keep going back and forth. WHIR.
  8. Obviously a jab to get a reaction, but the fact the Sanders is losing snaps to Boston Scott is telling on the type of season he is having.
  9. The NFL has very little wiggle room on the PED policy. If it's in your body, it's your problem and you have to pay the price.
  10. Reagor has never scored more than 9 points in a half pt ppr game so if you really want to give yourself a shot at the win(even a remote one), I'd say you have to roll the dice with Johnson. I know this is a nice spot for the receivers, but nothing Philly has done this year has given me any confidence they can take advantage of it.
  11. I was playing against Robinson yesterday and I still found myself rooting for him. He's one of the best stories in the NFL this year.
  12. I don't own Zeke this year but did last year. The biggest difference I see this year compared to last year is his usage. Say what you want about Jason Garrett, but he rode Zeke. There were many sets where it was run in 1st and 2nd down and screen to him on 3rd down. That just isn't happening this year. Part of it is Zeke's problem because he so fumbling too much. Part of it is that there are so many weapons on this team this year that they seem to get lost in trying to keep everyone happy.
  13. Do you really think it's worth it to keep Koo on your roster? I'd have to believe that no one is going to stash him on their roster through the bye and next week the teams that have a bye are pretty low level teams, so I'd guess their won't be a run on replacement kickers. What did the Butker owner do with him (KS is on bye this week as well).
  14. I don't see how a head coach can make the comments Arians made about Winston and then turn around and franchise tag (I know it's not Arians decision, but he's in the room when the decision is made). How can you say if I can win with Winston I can win with anyone, and then turnaround and give him 25 million?
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