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  1. So not enough on picks side? guys around Sabonis Bagley Conley level types are in 2nd -3rd rounds along with all rookies and some second third year players not established yet , other top 70-100 ranked Yahoo ESPN guys.
  2. Would you? Would you not? Four player keeper league. My other keepers are: Jokic, Siakam and Oladipo (IR). I have fifth overall pick where I can take - Zion, Tatum , Morant, J Murray, Gordon among others. Nine categories with OREB - No turnovers. Would you take an offer of : Kawhi,L Ball , 1st and 2nd rd picks in 2020 along with 3rd and 4th rd picks this year. Enough value or not enough ?
  3. It’s keeper league (four players) plus a draft every season with rookies and left over players. Picks can be dealt during the year. Pick bets can be made. Fun league. Some turnover through the years...still 3-4 of us left from 10/15 yrs ago. Looking for active competitive managers who can engage in trade talks regularly and some trash talk. GroupMe is set up for the league.
  4. One spot left. Message me please on here privately. I’ll send you the email to contact. Sorry I’ve been away from computer today.
  5. Hi, we have two open spots in our fantasy basketball league. Looking for long term members with a history of fantasy basketball. The league has been in existence for over 12 years. Email me at keeganbryant99 at hotmail.com if interested — please let us know you saw the ad here. Team one is Field Goals Free Throws 3PT Miscellaneous Player FGM/A FG% FTM/A FT% 3PTM PTS OREB DREB AST ST BLK TO Allen Crabbe 137/373 .367 41/56 .732 98 413 16 132 46 23 13 46 Luka Doncic 506/1186 .427 346/485 .713 168 1526 86 477 429 77 25 247 Josh Hart 189/464 .407 55/80 .688 92 525 35 213 93 64 40 58 Solomon Hill 68
  6. I’m in a league where my brother is commish. Three teams have walked away after a Wilson for Diggs and draft pick trade. They made a big deal out of nothing as far as I’m concerned. We did a vote on the trade ,and they are still unhappy and left. So now..we need couple new managers to jump in and do dispersal draft. It’s full twenty man roster dynasty league (you keep entire roster, and draft three rounds every off season for rookies and free agent players). You also have to join GroupMe league chat If interested , post below. You only have to commit to finish
  7. That’s a lot to give up for Snell. League heavy on keeping SPS/K9 league ?
  8. My league is 14 teams, been going for 15 years now. We added Farm Draft (started with five rounds, now we narrowed it down to just three rounds). We have eight roster slots on the farm that we can do whatever we want with as long as they are under 50 IP and 130 AB’s. I’ve drafted likes of : Cain, Kershaw, McCutchen , Harper etc over the years. I would lean towards a stud bat over an arm, but my league values SP high within our six keeper strategy (K9 H2H stat).
  9. Update on him? About to draft again.
  10. I value top 3-5 goalies every year but don't majorly reach for them. Take one if there. Fantasy hockey is right up there with enjoyment to me and easy to understand after a season or two of playing. Join public easy leagues to get your feet wet. Great time of year with baseball wrapped up and basketball for some people/not for others. FB takes up very little of ones time. Hf boards/here at rotoworld/left wing lock/twitter great starting points for fantasy hockey research. Tsn /Sportsnet ok too for Cdn media.
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