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  1. In the same boat. Not liking Dak’s matchup on the road, though I think he has a more stable floor. Matty has Hooper and Julio returning and he should be back in rhythm from his injury a couple weeks ago Leaning towards Matt Ryan, but not completely sold. Decisions, decisions..
  2. So in my league a trade just went through between two managers. Team A receives Oladipo and B gets Rudy Gay + Gordon Hayward. Thing is, trade just so happened to go through as soon as news broke that Oladipo had a gruesome injury. My guess is that the owner of Oladipo has this trade on the table and of course accepted it when he found out the injury occurred. In this type of situation, what’s the correct thing to do? Is a trade vetoable due to a player having a season ending injury? I believe the manager should have pulled his trade off the table once he saw the guy he was trading got injured. Probably meant to, but was likely outclicked by the opposing manager. In any case, he hasn’t said a word to me. However, I’m just curious how you guys would proceed as a member of the league and as the commish.
  3. It’s possible that Collins plays the Center right? Never know. Len & Dedmon aren’t exactly killing it to the point where either deserve to start.
  4. The time to get him is now. For me, it already past. I've been stashing him for a little bit (Biased Knicks fan). However, he's really starting to show some poise and he's really gaining confidence in himself, as well as garnishing confidence from his team. Passes the eye test, and the #s don't lie. He's been proven to be able to rack up assists & steals in 20 minutes or less, his productivity ROS is definitely going way up. Will be starting within 2 weeks at most is my guess, perhaps sooner.
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