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  1. Zeke for me as well. Still is getting an okay floor. A touchdown or two would turn into a great day.
  2. 1/2 PPR. I need to start two between Tyler Lockett, Adam thielen, and Mike Davis. Who should I sit? Davis has the better matchup on paper, is there any thought of him getting shut down when they play catch up against Green Bay?
  3. Thanks for the Write-up! This mirrors a lot of my thoughts exactly. She also needs one more for FLEX, likely between Claypool and Gurley
  4. I'd lean Dobbins for a decent for. Goedert will be a decent play also.
  5. Helping my wife with her lineup this week in a must win game. Winner makes playoffs, 1/2 PPR. Need to pick 1 RB, 2 WR, and FLEX from this list. We currently have all 3 WRs and Zeke in the lineup. WHIR RBs: Zeke at BAL Bernard at MIA Gurley vs NO WRs: Diontae Johnson vs WAS Claypool vs WAS Deebo vs BUF
  6. I need to start three between these RB's. 1/2 PPR. Dalvin vs CAR Davis @ MIN Robinson vs CLE Swift vs HOU Gibson @ DAL I'm obviously starting Dalvin. Swift, Davis, and Gibson all have great matchups. While Robinson has been lights out. It's looking like Swift won't play, so that makes the decision slightly easier.
  7. I like them all. But if Go Gibson for sure. Then maybe Jackson
  8. 1/2 PPR. Due to injuries to Zeke/Carson and byes need to drop someone to start a RB. Well likely pickup DJ Dallas. Who would you drop? Also starting Robby Anderson, Diontae Johnson and Antonio Brown. I can drop: Claypool AJ Green Gio Bernard WHIR
  9. I just got it this week. I likely wouldn't be starting Jackson this week, unsure of the injury. Wonder if I should save it or stash Jackson for later
  10. W h i r. Jackson was dropped, waivers clear today just before games. should I use my #1 waiver on Jackson, or hold out? 1-5 PPR record. I'd be dropping either Ruggs or Kelley.
  11. Team 2 in sig below. 1/2 PPR. I need to Start 2 RB, 2 WR, and a FLEX. RB options: Dalvin, Robinson, Mike Davis WR Options: Hopkins, Lockett, Theilen These are all good options with good match-ups, but I need to sit one of these. Do I sit Robinson? Lockett?
  12. Thanks. To clarify, it's John Brown on team#2. Not sure how well the sig is coming through since I'm on mobile.
  13. Team 2 in sig. Jonnu was dropped. I also have Andrews. Should I drop Brown or Jefferson? Or stay put?
  14. I'm assuming by Henry you mean Hunter Henry? I would probably lean towards doing it
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