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  1. If you got yards for penalties and half points for nearly catching the ball--- this guy would be money.
  2. Stinkers happen for everyone. Except for Davante Adams.
  3. It's such a funny thing to watch their games. Mike Evans is absolutely deadly with the ball in the air. He can out position and out leap 99.9% of corners, and I've watched games where he doesn't get that chance until the 3rd quarter. When it does happen early though, you can almost count on a great game from Mike, because it's like Brady seems to forget-- "Oh yeah, I can just leave it up there and he'll get it far more often than not." If I'm Bruce Arians, and I want Mike Evans to get involved, the first play of every game is a play action deep shot. Can we get a Change.org petition goi
  4. Carroll is the king of meaningless coach speak. You just flip a coin. He’s either getting 15 touches or 4. You’re not wise to start him based on coach speak. You start him based on other options.
  5. Absolutely cannot get anything right with this man. I draft him, he stinks. He gets hurt. I pick him up after someone waives him, after two games with double digit targets, and he disappears. I will bench him from here on out so you guys can get something out of him.
  6. Edmonds has outplayed and outscored Drake without workhorse load. He doesn't need 30 touches. He needs 15. If your arguing which back can handle the bulk of work-- and one of the backs is injured...i'll take the other one.
  7. Just about tired of hearing sill stuff like this. The tall tales of a 4.1 40-yard dash. Hand timed, I'm sure. Riiiight. We saw what a freak can do in the NFL-- I'll take AP.
  8. Wait, people are defending who's the more talented back in here? Drakes value was the fact that he had a big contract and was getting all of the touches. Drake scored 13 more points in standard, and 3 FEWER points in PPR? (estimating here.) That Dallas fluke touchdown was a blessing. Never forget that Miami let him go. You're damn right I own Edmonds. I drafted him and held him this long because I knew talent would win out. He had standalone value with Drake in the lineup.... You guys are on some copeium in here.
  9. pass blocking concerns are overblown. Peyton manning has had 4 interception games. That game was the exception, not the rule. Deejay was touted as a strong pass blocker coming out of college.
  10. If ertz and Goedert are both 100%, I pick goedert. And I drafted Ertz.
  11. The reason you start him this week is because you absolutely shouldn't, and that's how the SF backfield operates. You pick the guy least likely to succeed, and you watch him go 100/3TD
  12. Exactly this. "You build a thousand bridges in your life...and they don't call you Tony the Bridge builder. You bake a million loafs of bread, and you're not Tony the Bread Baker....... You **** ONE goat though...."
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