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  1. Besides money for the NFL... What is the difference between the Saints being penalized for celebrating in the locker room (with supposedly healthy, negative-tested teammates) and the NFL making this Ravens/Steelers game happen given both teams have a bunch of positive results?
  2. If this game somehow gets played, he’d be out this week and next week.
  3. same here. If Denver runs every time, the clock is going to run out a lot quicker, thus creating less opportunities for the Saints.
  4. Not this week if more positive tests happen every day.
  5. More positive tests with the Ravens, Falcons and Browns. If the Ravens continue down this path (4th day in a row with a positive test) you have to wonder if this game is going to get postponed even further, and possibly to another week altogether. If that happens, you have to imagine the potential chaos it’ll cause as there are quite a few fantasy-relevant players on both teams.
  6. ... which is why I quoted you about how Brees “locks on” to him and proved that it doesn’t even matter because his stats with Brees, this year, have been terrible. If Taysom and MT connect for more than 51 yards, it’ll be a success. That’s how low the bar is.
  7. Remind me again what his value has been this year. His actual production value has been the equivalent of someone like Jalen Reagor. If he goes for more than his season high of 51 yards, we might be on to something.
  8. I haven’t seen anyone post this.. I have Taysom Hill as my TE this week. He is also in my TE spot for every weekly lineup for the rest of the season. Even if they take away TE eligibility, he is still going to be in my TE spot. The question is. What happens then? If my lineup is set in advance with all of the proper starters, I don’t need to make a move and ESPN isn’t going to make me adjust my lineup. However, if I try to sub in a different DST for another DST, it’ll likely tell me my lineup is invalid. What are you commissioners going to do next week when people do
  9. They played in windy conditions against Chicago too. The thing with NO is that they don’t even have to change up their offense. Drew Brees is only throwing 5-10 yard passes. He’s not taking many shots downfield anyway.
  10. Now it just says cloudy and windy with gusts over 40mph. I was going to delete my old post but couldn’t so I just wanted to clarify.
  11. Weather.com says this about tomorrow night in Tampa “Tropical storm conditions possible. Showers in the evening, then becoming windy with a steady rain overnight. Low around 75F. Winds NNE at 25 to 35 mph. Chance of rain 80%. Rainfall around a quarter of an inch.”
  12. and with the team currently 2-5, do you even risk bringing Ekeler back this season if it’s so easy to re-injure? If it’s another 4 weeks and you’re 2-9, I’m not so sure.
  13. Chase Edmonds if available. Drake carted off.
  14. 14 team league non-PPR .. I’m 1-5 but my team is finally starting to score points. We start QB, RB, Flex, WR, WR, TE, DST, K QB - Wentz, Brees RB - Drake, Edmonds, Justin Jackson, Bell WR - Davante Adams, Will Fuller, CeeDee Lamb, Antonio Brown TE - Evan Engram Michael Thomas owner is shopping him around. We’ve been texting and he said he would take AB and Bell for Thomas. What do you guys think? MT is out this week and who knows when he’ll come back. Say week 9, the same week as AB.
  15. Honestly, the Eagles/Saints seem like the perfect locations for him to go to. He is going to have to sign for a smaller "prove it" kind of deal and one would hope that he knows that. With Drew's declining arm strength, I can see the Eagles as a much better fit for him between the two.
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