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  1. Being a 49er fan playing in the fantasy title game and starting George Kittle against the guy who drafted George Kittle is pretty much the pinnacle of my fantasy existence.
  2. Starting at rb2 not overthinking it. He did well both times against lar, small favorite against a division opponent with a decent enough Vegas total.
  3. He's actually not a terrible WR3/flex this week if Tyreke happens to be out.
  4. All this “risk of injury” talk is just silly to me. It’s a broken bone not an Achilles. If x Ray shows it’s healed it’s healed. There’s no “meaningless” game. Kittle is the team leader. If he’s sprinting around in practice he’s playing.
  5. As I said I’m playing him over Carson who is better than those 2 so ...
  6. Of course. They’re great. Dallas offense is junk
  7. Starting pollard over Carson. Sounds nuts but these are the types of things you need to do when chasing a guy who had j Allen go off.
  8. Well could have been 3 but...alas....Lynn gonna Lynn. Nevertheless a sweet performance.
  9. Ahhh sweet elixir! Just the medicine I needed today...the board jumping off Herbert after a few rough weeks (almost entirely the fault of Lynn arguably the worst head coach over the past decade). Feeling good about starting Herbert now will probably see 3 1H td passes like the last prime time game. Weeeeee and thx.
  10. No he shouldn't be in "most" lineups in the semi finals. If teams have gotten this far they have better options at WR3/flex. However he might be in mine. It's blind upside but my options are Pittman Jr. and Coutee so it's all a toss up at this point.
  11. Not sure the point of such a general comment. I mean sure fade him if you have better WR3 options as it's not the best matchup but without seeing everyone's roster it's meaningless. Aiyuk still has a respectable floor and big game upside so in most cases he's a fringe wr3.
  12. With SF having 9 guys on the covid list it's impossible to know. Haven't seen any recent news come out on Aiyuk.
  13. It's a certainty that Chark will get past the safeties on at least a few go routes. Nobody knows if the QB will be able to get the ball there. You saw the connection game 1. Last week Chark was wide open on a go route and the rook just couldn't get the time to set his feet. The ceiling here is so high that there's no way I'd bench for any WR3/4 fringe guys.
  14. Glad to see you guys are souring and looking to bench him. I'll be confidently sending him out as RB2 for the week I've been holding him for. 2tds coming...
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