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  1. His eighth year as a starter doesn't qualify him as a veteran in the NFL? What makes someone a veteran in the league?
  2. Starters: Qb- hurts ( crap ) Rb - Montgomery, Dobbins, Henderson WR- Adams!, Cooks, Sanders, Ridley TE- Kittle K- Koo (crap) D- BUF (?) championship.
  3. The Cowboys D has allowed an average of under 200yds passing and 1 td per game over the last four. I know the QBs they faced (Mullins/Beathard, Allen/Finley, Lamar, and Alex Smith) are not known as great passers, but that is still something to consider. Teams seem to lean on the run game when facing Dallas lately.
  4. I just can't bring myself to bench Herbert, who saved me from the crappy situation of getting less than 10pts from a combination of Stafford, Minshew and Matt Ryan. If Hurts crumbles while Herbert shines, I think I would kill myself. We'll see.
  5. "Smash spot" gets my vote. I hate that term. Is that new this year?
  6. Gio was dropped. I can pick him up and drop Montgomery, who has been underperforming, to say the least. Worth it as an insurance plan for Mixon?
  7. I dropped my kicker to give this a little more thought before Sunday. My receivers are stacked, and I do not really feel comfortable dropping anyone to pick up Antonio Brown, possibly the greatest headcase to ever play wide receiver in the NFL. It is between Tee Higgins, Cooks, and Gibson. I really am not sure what to do, but if nothing comes out in the next few days, I think I will just stick with my team and drop AB back to the pile. Advice?
  8. Last gasp here, boys. If Haskins can't get it done post bye against a sub-par defense, our dream is dead. He's in my starting lineup one more time.
  9. Funny(sad). I am starting all three this weekend. I think I would put Tate as the top option in PPR, due to the target load and quality targets. Next would be a tossup between McLauren and Stills. Both could boom, but there is risk. I think I would go with the unquestioned #1 option on the team with McLauren, and hope for some garbage time catch-up points. Stills could have a great game, but he is probably just a deep threat at this point. Good luck!
  10. Todd Gurley (vs.CIN): CIN gives up 2nd most points to opposing RBs, health & workload concerns Chris Carson (vs.ATL): ATL is middle of the road in rushing D. Positive game script likely, 25+touches is likely Leonard Fournette (vs.NYJ): NYJ average against the run, but give up TDs - Fournette has one this year. 25+ touches is likely James Conner(vs. MIA): MIA gives up most points to RBs. Health and workload concerns.
  11. I literally have no other option but to start two WRs during a windy, rainy TNF game. Kill me please, my team is already dead.
  12. 1-Conner 3-Gurley 4-Fournette 5-Carson 8- MG3. Too much value.
  13. Ugh... What if he's my WR1 until AJGreen gets back? I F'd up, I think.
  14. These are the choices for my 4th WR to start this weekend: Montcreif (vs.NE) - Will Gillmore be shadowing him all game like he did last year? Though Montcreif did score a TD against Gillmore. Pettis (vs. TB) - Points are sure to be scored in this one, but what is Pettis' place in the target pecking order. Kittle dominated last year (with a different QB) and Goodwin was the main target during Garappolo's first run. Tyrell Williams(vs. DEN) - AB suspended for this one? Will that be good or bad for Tyrell? Might get a lot of targets, but the Denver pass rush is serious
  15. I chickened out and played Njoku. I chickened out and still got a zero!
  16. I would agree if their opponent was any other than HOU. I am not so worried.
  17. Did you pick up his replacement? That is funny.
  18. Not a normal TNF. Both teams had a week to prepare. I am throwing Cousins out there with the same choice.
  19. The 2 week rental is over for me. He did extraordinarily well, but I had to jump ship for the end of the year. Good luck all.
  20. This was the greatest weekend to have a JAX bye week! The question now is whether to drop BAL D or take the zero next week during my bye week hell... I actually might have to take two zeroes at this point. Crap.
  21. I don't see you ever needing to start Sammy Watkins. It is 50/50 that you might need to start another quarterback.
  22. I think you have to take Amendola before the others. He is the best fit for the Edelman role in the offense, which is sorely needed. If he stays on the field, he will be a great start. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/668468-trade-offered-jj-nelson-for-my-corey-davis/
  23. I am in the same boat, but cannot drop anyone due to a couple wasted bench spots. I was planning on giving Cam this week, and if he does not put in a great week...gone for Wentz/Simien. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/668468-trade-offered-jj-nelson-for-my-corey-davis/
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