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  1. I’m probably the only one who cares but he scored a TD on a fumble recovery in the end zone, but isn’t being credited with a TD. Kinda weird.
  2. So glad I opted for Amari over Hunt. Hunts average isn't even all that good once you take out his best runs. Plus Sharknado is right around the corner.
  3. I'm gonna fire him up. Everyone is betting on Indi - they're getting 7 points (!) so something has to go right today.
  4. The same reported also later said that Boyd hurt his hamstring - possibly warming up.
  5. I was hoping to see AZ swing a trade for Dion Lewis (or maybe Jeremy Hill to clear out that RBBC), but now I hope Foster actually gets a shot to play - since I think he could put up interesting points in PPR. I don't think I could stomach watching the Cards give the keys to Chris Johnson to go 14/41 each game. Assuming they sign CJ of course.
  6. According to Mike Reiss: Patriots inactives: WR Matthew Slater, S Nate Ebner, TE Jacob Hollister, LB Harvey Langi, OT Cam Fleming, OL Cole Croston, DT V. Valentine. Looks like he will be Active. I know it was speculated he could be IA.
  7.  It took him a while to get going - which is a best scary after last week. I believe he started off 6 carries, 0 yards, but then ended up with a couple nice runs, grabs, and TDs.  He final line was something like 16 carries for 36 yards and a few catches, but he looked better than that line suggests after the slow start. Also, the entire offense revolved around him - which is about all one can ask for.    Â
  8. It's really all going to come down to your particular league/settings. I've seen him go as high as 1.06 post-Mike Williams injury. In my other Dynasty he was off the board with the 14th pick. The consensus top 5 is set in stone for the most part, but it's an absolute wildcard after that. Good luck, I think he is a really good talent in a nice situation. If you really want him then you may make a play in trading up. I know in both leagues the owners are very, very reluctant to part with him post-draft.
  9. Possibly. But, I see a Bell who averaged almost 27 PPG in PPR and finished with 10 points less than Zeke overall while he (Bell) played 3 less games - one of which was CLE. I think Zeke is a fantastic player, but I don't see him in David Johnson or LeVeon Bell territory as of yet. A possible suspension coupled with Free retiring and Leary moving on has Zeke a distant third in PPR Redraft for me. Obviously to each their own, though!
  10. He's definitely worth a roster spot with or without Shady in your lineup. I remember he was in trouble last season for a DWI, I believe. I know there is a 2-game suspension for that, but does anyone know if he already served it? I tried googling it but not much came up - other than he may serve one for this (2017) season.
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