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  1. It's laughable he thinks Moncada and Buxton are comparable in any way too. Two guys who have both struck out more times in one season than Vlad Jr. has in his entire 1200 MILB plate appearances.
  2. What a weird thing to take such a stance on. It's all moot anyway, he's not coming up this year whether it's due to Service Time manipulation (duh) or his defense (not really). But at this point, this troll is just arguing to feel right or something? Nobody in here is looking at these posts and thinking "wow, this troll makes a really compelling argument, he DOES need to work on his defense before the Jays call him up. It has NOTHING to do with the extra year of control they gain by keeping him down until mid-April 2019!" Thread should just be locked until spring training.
  3. "Albert Pujols will never make it as a major leaguer. His defense at 3b is bad." -daynlokki c. 2000
  4. I'd feel comfortable giving him $25 in an auction and consider that a steal in a dynasty.
  5. The system is so flawed. Could they potentially sue for lost wages?
  6. This just looks like he slid head first and is taking off his belt to get the dirt out
  7. Ok, so what does all of that have to do with whether or not Vlad Jr. is called up THIS season? Are the Jays actively factoring Provincial income tax into their decision to keep him down? Is any of this relevant to this thread? ...No...
  8. How is this same old, re-hashed "bUt HiS DeFeNsE" debate still taking place in here? This time seems to be the most asinine...not sure how state income taxes affect whether or not they call up Vlad Jr. this year... Mods will suspend for PM's, but allow this garbage to clutter threads? Shame.
  9. Sure. It feels good to have industry peeps sort of backup your beliefs with their own claims. Makes you feel a little less crazy. Now he just has to prove it. Vindicate (v): show or prove to be right, reasonable, or justified. I'd say it's within reason Vlad Jr. could contend for a batting title RIGHT NOW based on empirical evidence and what scouts have said.
  10. I suggested this back in May and was laughed at.
  11. He said this year, so I'm just going off of whatever rankings lists I could find, most being top 100. Not sure Paddack has ever been ranked inside the top 50 on a prospect list, even before TJS. Luzardo was at least top 75 on most lists going into 2018, Paddack was unranked on all of them. That's what I based my reply on.
  12. I wouldn't call the first DL stint being cautious. In my non-doctor guesstimate, it's probably the same shoulder issue flaring up again, and THIS time they want to be cautious.
  13. Paddack. Unranked > now pushing top 50 on fangraphs recent updated list.
  14. Regardless, his defense is not the issue here.
  15. Find a new slant. It's not about his fielding. He's 19...he has his entire career of Winter Leagues, Spring Training, practices, and pre-game BP to work on his fielding. Just because they might hypothetically call him up this year or next to DH doesn't immediately make him a lost cause at a CI spot. SSS, but he's currently holding a .954 Fld%, which would put him at about league average in the MLB for 3B.
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