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  1. PPR, Start 2 Flex, 12 man keeper league Current Team J Allen, Tannehill Sanders, Mixon, Jacobs, Gio, Lindsay, Mattison DK, T Hill, Ridley, Fuller, J Brown Waller, Goedert I give: Tannehill, Sanders, J Brown, Lindsay I get: A Rodgers, McLaurin, Swift
  2. PPR, Start 2flex Option A QB- J Allen, Tannehill RB1- Sanders RB2- Jacobs WR1- T Hill WR2- DK Metcalf TE- Waller FX1- Mixon FX2- Ridley BN- Gio BN- Fuller BN- Mattison BN- Lindsay BN- Goedert Option B QB- J Allen, Rodgers RB1- Sanders RB2- Jacobs WR1- T Hill WR2- DK Metcalf TE- Waller FX1- McLaurin FX2- Ridley BN- Fuller BN- Mattison BN- Swift BN- Goedert BN- Gage
  3. I dont mind the trade- Hardman has multiple handcuff value between Hill and Watkins. Harris is in a crowded backfield and not the passing down back. For me it would be Shenault, Claypool, Mike Will all ahead of Hardman but if you miss any of these, I like the trade. You have solid depth at RB
  4. Whats the rest of your roster? I think that makes a big difference
  5. PPR, Keeper League, Start QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2Flex, 1TE Roster Dak, Tannehill, Stafford Mixon, Sanders, Jacobs, Kelley D Adams, T Hill, Ridley, DJ Moore, Fuller Waller, Hurst, Goedert I lost Dak so am exploring QB offers. I give: D Adams (5th rd keeper next year), Fuller I get: J Allen, DK Metcalf (2nd round keeper next year) Thoughts?
  6. 14 team, standard. Moved Mich Thomas & Cam for Ridley & AJ Green. I have J Allen at Q already
  7. Same situation - if AB is suspended, I may change my mind
  8. I don't hate Kerryon, hes an every week rb2. Kamara once Brees comes back is a stud if you can whether the storm. Personally, I wouldn't roster a back up. QB is so streamable
  9. Since you have two solid QBs, I can see the logic. I would lean the first and see if I can get something better back then Trubisky, he's barely worth rostering IMO
  10. PPR My team Rodgers CMC, Chubb, Montgomery, Carson, J Hill D Adams, Thielen, Cooks, M Williams H Henry, Witten, Herndon I give: Rodgers/Thielen I get: Wilson/AJ Green/Robinson I am worried about Rodgers and ROS outlook. Plus he plays Minnesota and Chicago in the fantasy playoffs which doesn't bode well for him.
  11. Close call but I like the Ryan side. Gurley is a big question mark for ROS to me with that knee.
  12. I accepted it. I have a $42 bid on Hock
  13. PPR Winston, Allen Zeke, Carson, Montgomery, J Hill, D Thompson, Penny Thielen, Woods, Jeffrey, Ty Williams, AJ Green Engram, Waller Hockensen on the waiver, and I have a large bid placed on him. I give: Alshon, Waller I get: M Evans
  14. Fair point - would you sub in Marv or Samuel ahead of him? I think I like M Jones ROS more than Gordon post AB news.
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