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  1. I like Capela because Collins will probably get moved and who knows where DD goes. Capela is a beast this year
  2. I think Conley will eventually fall back down to earth
  3. I guess the better question is do you want to risk your current record for long term success? While Whiteside could eventually put it together if the Kings make trades, he could also continue to **** the bed. Too many question marks. Plus, towards the end of the year when players are released or traded, better options could become available.
  4. Drop dorts...also u could make the argument to also drop Lamb off of ur IR
  5. Finding it hard to acquire a shooter for Capela - would you pull the trigger on this?
  6. I have Mahomes as starter Would you make this deal?
  7. Should I try for Hyde perhaps? I just fee like if I dont do something soon..my season is lost. I'd still have Dez, AJ, Cooper and Baldwin as my prime WR.
  8. I have too many WRs and I need some RB help: Mixon, Duke Johnson, Powell, Smallwood Would you do it? I'd be able to replace Allen with Baldwin as a WR.
  9. Jaquizz for me. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/667935-dynasty-my-gronk-for-mccoy-and-1st-rounder-next-year/
  10. I still feel like Kelly is going to have a strong year and I'd drop Abdhulah for him.
  11. Hate dealing Gronk, but I have no RBS and I have H.Henry on the bench. I'd then have a 1st rounder next year; which could potentially be a top 5 pick for rookies or guys not protected by teams. Thoughts?
  12. Is that too much or worth it? I feel like Gordon will be a top 5 back this year. Thoughts
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