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  1. Indeed. For the sake of example, missing three games in the MLB is equivalent to missing one quarter of an NFL game.
  2. Market price. The alternative would be to hold and get zero cents on the dollar when/if you cut.
  3. To that point, one might try to trade him.
  4. I think people may be sleeping on him, big time. OK, so he's not a set-and-forget starting 2B for a fantasy team. But he's a super useful swiss army knife for your bench. Plus, he's got really nice platoon splits -- .358/.401/.482 with an 8.7% K/PA vs RHP -- that you can plug and play.
  5. Seems like a phantom injury if I ever saw one.
  6. Both. I mean, Buxton's potential was kind of baked into his ADP. He was cheap, but he wasn't that cheap. If you got him in the last round of your draft or off of waivers then, yea, I'd say it's possible his last two games have opened some eyes and perhaps some managers in your league would put in an offer. I just don't see the potential gain here. Separately, I don't see the logic in a Buxton owner unloading his shares this early. If anyone is going to be a Buxton believer, it's the person who drafted him.
  7. As a longtime Kris Bryant investor, I can explain: 2020 season = disaster. I reckon he was a 3rd/4th round pick last year. 2018 season = also a disaster. I know he was injured and the ratios were OK. But it was the nature of the injury that frustrated owners. He wasn't raking then, say, got hit with a pitch on the wrist. Rather, he was dealing with "shoulder inflammation" all season long. He had two separate DL stints. If I recall correctly, he was a 1st/2nd round pick that year. Another burn. His inability to hit with runners in scoring position. He did better in 2019. From
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