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  1. True, I should definitely clarify: Best case scenario I’m hoping for like top 100, 110, not top 30 like Wood. But the signs for Claxton to be useful are there...just got to leapfrog over a couple has-beens on the depth chart, need to get the coach behind him, etc. That is similar to Wood’s situation.
  2. Getting Christian Wood 2019-20 vibes here... Per 36s are off the charts and Claxton looks the part, albeit in a very small sample....but he’s got some bodies ahead of him on the depth chart.
  3. Never figured I'd hear again someone say in a player's thread: "Pass. Jeff Green is coming back soon."
  4. Bad percentages (8-21) and it’s a Sunday night, last game of weekly h2h.
  5. Pretty amazing to average 7.4 rebounds and 0.6 blk while only committing 0.9 personal fouls per game -- as a 20 year old no less.
  6. I don't have access to Basketball Reference Play Index anymore, since it migrated to Stathead, but I reckon Vucevic is probably having a historic season: 24-11, 2.6 threes per game, shooting 48-40-80 and only committing 1.6 TO per game and 1.7 fouls per game seems pretty tough to do.
  7. Just listened to the so-called experts on a pod saying that you have to punt FT% is you own Fox... I’m third best in FT% in a weekly-lock 8-cat roto league and I’ve been starting Fox every week.
  8. Congrats on the All-Star selection Vooch, well-deserved.
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