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  1. Urias is Coming from a Urias owner. Biased much? I could have Giolito if I want, as he sits on my wire. So there is zero bias. Urias has the best arm in the minors. IMO
  2. He means for this year only
  3. Just before he went on the DL, most on here, were saying he was "raking". LOL. He is somewhere in between being a bust and raking.
  4. http://www.nj.com/yankees/index.ssf/2016/05/why_yankees_jorge_mateo_changing_positions_makes_s.html
  5. They also have Didi who is still young and plays a very good defense
  6. I don't think we are, necessarily, disagreeing here. I said "worthless" as a stand alone (or that's what I meant to say). Combined with other variables, like exit velo and LD%, then BABIP could be a valuable predictor.
  7. so 2015 was a very lucky season, you are saying? Well 2015 is the largest single season sample size. What direction do you think 2016 is headed ? 2014 285 PA .326 2015 322 PA .385 2016 120 PA .243 I was mocking his post if .243 is too low, then .385 was too high. Like a previous poster said, BABIP is worthless. I don't know why BABIP and WAR are ever brought up on fantasy sites. BABIP, alone, could just mean he isn't hitting enough LD's (combining LD% and BABIP could have some merit), WAR can maybe predict a players playing time, that's about it You really have to watch the gam
  8. so 2015 was a very lucky season, you are saying?
  9. I'm talking in general. BABIP is meaningless. Case by case it could mean something. In general, it's meaningless. so tomorrow he hits 4 balls all for singles. Does that mean he was lucky? Dumb, meaningless stat. I pay zero attention, and I do quite well, thank you. Unless your league counts BABIP? WAR is most meaningless, for fantasy. BABIP might be second
  10. But he isn't mashing at AAA. LOL Aside from Batting Average, he is. His low BA is fueled by a career low BABIP. He's closer to "mashing" than he is to "struggling". I never said he was struggling. He isn't mashing either. K's are pretty bad too, along with BA. He is doing well. No need to rush up. He is a super 2 call up, at the earliest. He is in the PCL, none of his stats really stand out. .339/.480/.819. not great for PCL. 16 walks in 26 games is really top 10? Seems really odd. Saying his stats are "top 10" doesn't really scream a call up to me. He seems to need a lit
  11. Mateo hit his 4th HR and 5th triple of the year tonight. Batting .374 at the moment. I think I might be in love! I hope you have about 2 years of stash ability in your league
  12. Did it say how long he'll be working on it? 10 days to 2 weeks, if all goes to plan. I doubt this affects Reed all that much. Plan is to use Gattis as a backup C or as a 50/50 split, at best. Reed will be up after super 2, as most have suggested. As long as his hitting progresses. It only makes too much sense at this point
  13. But he isn't mashing at AAA. LOL
  14. They mi They have to do something, before the season gets away from them
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