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  1. Should I give my Beal and Hield for Tatum? Basically i have too many guards and can't start all of them pretty often, need more PF/C. Top guys that I would wanna pick up if i made this are Bertans and OG
  2. I like this trade for you too, think you would get better in just about every category
  3. If not gordon, any other PF or C that would fit my team that i might be able to trade buddy or another guard for?
  4. I think your team looks good, although kinda agree that its weird to punt assists with jokic
  5. I would be getting worse at FT% and 3's, and probably just about breaking even at assists steals and points. But I would be able to start gordon a lot more often than hield, we've only got 1 true utility spot a lot of our spots are G/F, F/C, PF/C type positions so i kinda need more PFs and Cs
  6. Based on what you said I think Clarke is safest, I might go with bagley though for upside. Could be good if he stays healthy.
  7. I would probably stick with what you have, unless you can make a 2 for 1 trade but its tough trading so early in the year
  8. Team in sig. Basically I'm trying to win points, 3s, assists, steals, and FT%. But I drafted so many guards that i can't set a full lineup some days if even one of my PF/C isn't playing, so i think i need to trade a G for a F. Would Buddy Hield for Aaron Gordon make sense?
  9. Yeah that seems like a good move for you, especially with brees available i would do it
  10. If you need a starter this week go with Miller (if robinson is out) or if Robinson (if MT is out). If you aren't looking for a guy to play this week i would take a flier on Mims or Hardman. Never know if something were to happen to hill then hardman would be a potential league winner
  11. Wouldn't do it for hunt. Maybe for Jacobs, could you do brady for jacobs? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/829438-trade-for-chubb-whir/
  12. This is a 0.5 ppr league, I would be getting Chubb and giving Golladay. My RBs are: CMC, Kareem Hunt, Chase Edmonds, Hasty, Josh Kelley, Devonta Freeman, and Singletary My WRs are: Thielen, Golladay, Keenan Allen, Travis Fulgham, Shenault, and Alshon Jeffery I'm thinking that I can get by until Chubb gets back since I have Edmonds and Hasty. And while I hav a lot of volume at RB, really only CMC feels like a consistent option going forward. I feel pretty good about my receivers.
  13. Yeah i agree with holding off here, you are giving by far the best player in the deal and honestly getting 3 question marks back
  14. I don't like either of those trades honestly feel like you gotta get more for Ridley. I guess you already traded for jones, hope it works out
  15. I agree with trying to upgrade at receiver. You could possibly look at buying low on Deebo although he did kinda breakout last night so it could be a little tough
  16. It is full PPR and I do have to start a tight end btw
  17. Team in sig. Should I trade my Lamar and Fant for Stafford and Kittle? Not sure if the upgrade from fant to kittle is worth the dropoff from lamar to stafford.
  18. yeah i guess go with mckinnon, thats tough though
  19. Yeah, agree with others. Assuming you're fine at RB i would do it. Godwin is a sure thing stud while Bell is a potential stud, but a big question mark still
  20. Yeah I wouldn't do that, don't think Kelley solves the problem of Davis losing his job.
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