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  1. Anyone else? Haha I don't think it's that bad...I mean I am projected to win week 1 I know projections mean nothing though. But as long as I win a few games while waiting for Elliot I should be fine, it's not like most teams keep most of the guys they draft. There will be plenty of guys to pick up especially in a 10 team league.
  2. Jack Doyle didn't get drafted...you think I should grab him and drop like Golladay or Foreman?
  3. Its a 10 team, non ppr league QB: Dak, Big Ben RB: David Johnson, Zeke, Paul Perkins, Jacquizz Rodgers, Derrick Henry, D'Onta Foreman, Shane Vereen WR: Julio Jones, Devante Parker, Kevin White, Kenny Golladay TE: Rob Gronkowski D/ST: Texans K: Janikowski It was an auction draft, I spent most of my money early on Julio, David Johnson, Gronk, and Zeke. So my team is pretty unbalanced but think I can survive and work the waiver wire and by the time Zeke is back I should be good to go.
  4. Are any people still believing in him? I haven't dropped yet...tonight against Baltimore isn't very exciting though
  5. Hmmm just got placed on the DL...is he even worth holding?
  6. I guess they pulled him for a pinch hitter haven't seen any news about an injury
  7. Why did Wacha come out after just 4 innings
  8. Anyone think he can get hot to finish the season? He has been pretty awful for most of the season
  9. Anyone else? Man Bautista has really had a bad season outside of that one month...and in a points league with his low average and high K's he has alot of negative or 0 outings...that one month still has me worried that he could get a hot streak to finish the season. Fisher is looking pretty good after last night though, and in just about as good a situation as you can ask for as long as he is in the lineup
  10. Yeah I would drop Matz, QS instead of Ws makes it closer but Matz has just not been good lately
  11. Points league, pretty standard scoring except steals are 2 points instead of 1. I could drop Bautista for someone like Bradley Zimmer, Gregory Polanco, Derek Fisher, Margot...Bautista has been pretty bad for me over the past 30 days and overall has had an underwhelming season. I am pretty much locked into the playoffs, so I am looking more for long term value rather than just right now though so I am worried about dropping Bautista and having him get hot later...kinda thinking the same thing about Mark Reynolds at this point too. WHIR
  12. So is he gonna still get regular ABs with Rosario coming up
  13. I would take Didi, and then on the outfield I think I would go with Gardner
  14. So when do we think we'll know if he's staying up? Not until closer to gametime tomorrow?
  15. He was pretty good in the minors again when he went back down, maybe he just needed a little adjustment and time and can have a big finish to the year now?
  16. Is he up just to fill in for springer for a little? Is there actually gonna be room for him in the lineup?
  17. As a royals fan, this is not true at all the Royals have to be one of the least patient teams in the league
  18. I really wish he would get OF eligibility
  19. I'm almost positive he was being sarcastic
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