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  1. Yeah probably woods, if not him i would go drake
  2. Team in sig, this is a full ppr league. I was offered Keenan Allen and AJ Brown for my Gaskin and Shenault. Should i do this? I definitely feel like my RBs are stronger than my receivers....but honestly Gaskin and Shenault have both been starting and keenan and brown would both start for me so it basically comes down to which duo I think will score more points for me. Should I accept?
  3. That's kinda what makes me interested in starting Dion lewis...if he's the main RB he has a high floor with my league being ppr, and a high ceiling as the main RB like last week.
  4. Yeah i agree with staying put unless you have no other options. I wouldn't want to drop crowder.
  5. yeah i wouldn't pick anyone up, if anything make a trade
  6. This is a full ppr league, pick 1 WR and 1 flex from these options: Shenault, Corey Davis, Dion Lewis, Devonta Freeman, Josh Kelley, Larry FItzgerald, and Michael pittman jr.
  7. Well his whole point was that he didn't think that Thomas was a TE1...
  8. I think its possible that this would work out for you...but i agree that there are too many moving parts here without a clear upgrade for you. Probably would stick with what youve got.
  9. Ok I actually did a slightly different trade, I gave Robinson, Cooks, and Hooper for Odell and Fant...kinda sucks i had to give cooks so i'm not getting as much of an upgrade at WR. However I feel like Fant should be a pretty solid upgrade over Hooper (also now I don't have to worry about having 2 browns targets)
  10. Kinda doubt Kelley will get you gallup but worth a try. I would try to grap aiyuk.
  11. Ok so my league is 12 teams full 1 point ppr, we start 1 regular flex and 1 superflex (so basically 2 qb). It was also an auction draft and i spent most of my money early so I have good QBs and decent RBs but pretty bad WRs... Here is my team: QB: Lamar and Mahomes RB: Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Raheem Mostert, James Robinson, Josh Kelley, Myles Gaskin WR: Brandin Cooks, Laviska Shenault, Larry Fitzgerald, Parris Campbell, Corey Davis, Mecole Hardman, Breshad Perriman, and Alshon Jeffery TE: Austin Hooper So I was offered OBJ and Breida for James Robinson...an
  12. I was on the fence at first but I think i would do it as well. You have the receiver depth to make up for trading odell.
  13. How would you prioritize these WR on waivers: Shenault, Corey Davis, and Russell Gage. I kinda like that Davis got so many targets and has less competition than Gage...but it also seems like people are pretty high on Shenault. WHIR
  14. Ok my receivers are bad, who would you start out of this group: Larry fitzgerald, Breshad Perriman, Michael Pittman jr, Parris campbell, or bryan edwards
  15. I like your team, think your RBs are solid. I think Hunt will be pretty involved in the browns game plan especially catching passes so he should be a solid RB3 in a ppr league. I think that dropping miller for mckissic would be an ok move though, I like Miller but not sure if the bears offense/QB situation will be enough to support multiple receivers. You could also drop a QB (if you do that I would drop Ben before Stafford) for McKissic unless you feel like you need a backup.
  16. 12 team full PPR. League has superflex and was an auction draft and I went after both lamar and mahomes so my RB/WR are a little shaky. Need to pick 2 WRs and 1 normal flex to start. My options are Brandin Cooks, Mecole Hardman, Larry Fitzgerald, Breshad Perriman, Alshon Jeffery, Parris Campbell, Michael Pittman Jr., Duke Johnson, Chris Thompson, James Robinson, and JD McKissic. So a lot of my guys are unknowns making my week 1 decision pretty tough. Assuming Cooks plays i think he's a no brainer as one of my receivers, but my second receiver I'm less sure on. Leaning towards Fitzger
  17. I like your team, not sure that you need tom brady considering you also have lamar but I guess if most teams roster 2 qbs in your league its smart to have a backup incase of injury and for bye weeks. I like the strategy of going with lots of high upside guys, with a few breakouts you'll be in good shape. Plus this year there should be a lot of waiver finds with the covid uncertainty.
  18. 12 team auction draft, superflex + flex and full ppr QB: Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes RB: Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Raheem Mostert, Duke Johnson, Chris Thompson, Ryquell Armstead WR: Brandin Cooks, Mecole Hardman, Alshon Jeffery, Breshad Perriman, Larry Fitzgerald, Parris Campbell, Michael Pittman Jr. TE: Austin Hooper K: Sam Sloman Defense: Eagles So my thoughts are: My receivers and tight end are really bad, my RBs are also pretty bad but CEH and Mostert are maybe good, and then my qbs are great and are going to have to carry my team until I find some
  19. Is he worth holding onto? With a short season and the uncertainty it's tough...
  20. I would go with Snell and Giolito. Gio is a little younger than Castillo and was a little better last year I think
  21. I would go devers, meadows, and DJ. I would be worried about Hendriks being able to repeat his performance last year.
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