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  1. This is for a 12 team ESPN points league (basically standard ESPN scoring), we keep 2 based on round drafted, with round increasing incrementally for each consecutive year that you keep them. I'm keeping Acuna and then I'm not sure between Judge (in the 13th) or Yordan Alvarez (in the 25th). Alvarez struggled a bit in the playoffs and I'm not sure how the Astros scandal will affect him, also I'm worried that he will be DH eligible only...but 25th round vs 13th is pretty tempting. Judge on the other hand should be great especially considering that lineup...but the injuries are pretty scary
  2. Might have been a little early on Josh Gordon and TY Hilton without Luck worries me a bit but getting CMC in PPR is huge and I think AB in the late second is pretty good value especially in PPR, Carr is going to make force it to him a lot. Also like taking a shot on McCoy, big potential payoff and at that point in the draft a lot of guys are dart throws anyway.
  3. I probably wouldn't do that but I might be biased as a browns fan.
  4. As a Browns fan, no I don't think Hunt is worth owning right now. He won't be back until week 10 and even then he's probably the backup.
  5. Ok so league settings are: 12 teams, 1 QB and 1 Superflex (QB/RB/WR/TE), full ppr Just drafted (auction draft) and my team is: QB: Mahomes, Goff, Winston RB: James White, Sony Michel, Duke Johnson, Kenyan Drake, Lesean McCoy, Rashaad Penny WR: Antonio Brown, Jarvis Landry, James Washington, Marvin Jones, Jamison Crowder TE: Zach Ertz DEF: Bears K: Justin Tucker Not a huge fan of my team but one guy auto drafted and the computer was only able to get him Flacco as a qb so he's kinda desperate and is willing to trade me Tyreek Hill for Jared Goff and
  6. You seem to forget that Hyde also started over Nick Chubb in Cleveland, so in that case it sounds like Duke is in pretty good company and I like him even more now.
  7. Is it even likely he gets signed? Has there been any report outside of the random Al Michaels comment?
  8. Should I drop Lorenzo Cain in a 12 team points league? He is giving me 2.3 ppg which is not very good. Brett Gardner is available who is averaging 2.8 ppg. And Tauchman is available too and he’s been hot lately, 2.9 ppg on the year
  9. True, I’m gonna see what he says about degrom.
  10. Ok, what if I asked for Degrom instead of Soroka? So I would get Escobar and Degrom. I feel like he would say no. Remember Escobar has the same amount of points as Acuna in my leagues scoring so I would just be hoping that he doesn't drop off.
  11. Yeah start 5 outfield. Right now Robles is on my bench. Even if I trade Acuna, when I get Correa back and put him in my lineup I will move either whit or gurriel to my OF and probably keep Robles on my bench.
  12. Should I trade Acuna for Eduardo Escobar and Soroka? This is a pretty standard points league, Escobar has 254 points with my league scoring and Acuna has 252. I also am pretty loaded at OF and need a 3B and pitching. Additionally, we can keep up to 2 guys based on round. Probably wouldn't keep Acuna; I can keep Judge in like the 14th, Yordan Alvarez in the 25th, and/or Josh Bell in like the 19th but Acuna I would only be able to keep in the 5th. Also if I did make the trade Soroka is keepable in the 25th. Thoughts? Team in sig. WHIR
  13. That’s true but I’m not huge on Maeda, I’m not sure he’s really gonna get me that many more points than I can from streaming
  14. Yeah this sounds like a smart move for you I would do it http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/750510-trade-for-degrom-points-league-whir/
  15. Bump. At this point I am leaning towards not taking it. Paxton is looking good right now and I'm scared of getting burned by a Degrom injury.
  16. Team in sig. I was offered Jacob Degrom for my James Paxton, Kenta Maeda, and Hunter Dozier. With Vlad getting called up soon I'll be able to replace Dozier I would think. Wins are worth 5 points so Paxton and Maeda both being on good teams is nice...but is Degrom too good to pass up on? Is his elbow a concern? WHIR
  17. I would go Syndergaard and Bauer. That's two pretty elite pitchers who should rack up strikeouts.
  18. This is for a 12 team points league, scoring is basically standard but pitching is slightly less valuable than standard points. We can keep 2 guys based on round they were drafted last year, if you keep them multiple years in a row the round gets higher. Main guys I'm considering: Vlad Jr (25th round), Mondesi (25th round), Robles (25th round), Andujar (25th), Clevinger (22nd), Bellinger (20th), Eugenio Suarez (16th), and Toucki Toussant (25th) My initial thought is to keep Vlad Jr. and Clevinger or maybe Bellinger or Andujar, but Mondesi was really good wit
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