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  1. No one thinks I should keep Gleyber? I agree Judge is a no brainer. But Gleyber in the 25th is pretty good value isn't it? Even if he's not better than acuna the round difference is pretty significant
  2. Well considering this, I would probably not keep Lindor it sounds like you have a good chance to either get him back or get someone better
  3. Yeah I wanna say Dahl Robles and Eloy...but considering you can only keep them 2 years and only start 3 OF I would probably keep Folty over Eloy or Robles, not a huge fan of keeping Peraza. I would probably take Eloy over Robles but it's tough. So if it was me I would say Dahl, Eloy, and Folty
  4. This is for a 12 team points league, scoring is basically standard but pitching is slightly less valuable than standard. We can keep 2 guys based on round they were drafted last year, if you keep them multiple years in a row the round gets higher. Main guys I'm considering: Judge (Round 17), Mookie (Round 1), Acuna (Round 7), Gleyber (25), Mondesi (25) So probably keep Judge, but what about my other guy? I have the 9th pick in the draft so I won't get Mookie back, but I feel like keeping a later guy plus having a first round pick gives me more value than jus
  5. Absolutely yes http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/704864-good-sell-high-whir/
  6. So I traded Brandon Crawford and Carlos Gonzalez for Bogaerts. My lineup is really good, and Acuna is about to come off the DL so I needed a roster spot. Thoughts?
  7. Yeah I would take the chance on Kershaw getting healthy
  8. Hmm Grandal is definitely in the better lineup, but I think I like Salvy more especially cause he can DH so he is in the lineup pretty much every day which is nice in a points league.
  9. Hosmer: 177 (#8 first baseman) Santana: 198 (#2 first baseman) Lynn: 90.5 (#102 SP - obviously he started the year awful though, he's got like 63 points in his last 4 starts) McCullers: 200.8 (#19 SP) And again, we do start a 1B and 1B/3B so I would need to pick someone up to replace Hosmer, right now I would probably grab Matt Duffy off of waivers
  10. C: Gary Sanchez 1B: Hosmer, Carlos Santana 2B: Dee Gordon, Schoop SS: Gleyber Torres, Brandon Crawford 3B: Adrian Beltre OF: Mookie, Blackmon, Judge, Acuna, Profar, Carlos Gonzalez SP: Chris Archer, Luis Castillo, Luke Weaver, Ross Stripling, Clayton Richard, Frankie Montas, Ivan Nova, Lance Lynn, Jake Junis RP: Josh Hader, Corey Knebel, Seranthony Dominguez, Kyle Barraclough So as you can see my pitchers are pretty rough, I recently traded Mikolas for Judge, and then I've mostly been getting by on streaming pitchers. I like McCullers, his
  11. I think I would make this deal if I were you http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/704496-mccullers-for-hosmer-offer-whir/
  12. Yeah I would probably drop Aguilar http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/704496-mccullers-for-hosmer-offer-whir/
  13. Yeah definitely do it if the other guy accepts http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/704496-mccullers-for-hosmer-offer-whir/
  14. Yeah i think Blackmon will heat up I would do it http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/704496-mccullers-for-hosmer-offer-whir/
  15. I would probably go with Barraclough, unless you need a starter than Lugo
  16. Also I still have Carlos Santana who is great in points leagues, so if I did trade Hosmer I would have a good first baseman still, I would just need to fill my 1b/3b spot
  17. 12 team points league. I was offered Lance McCullers for my Hosmer and Lance Lynn. I definitely need pitching more than batting, should I do this trade? Lynn has been good lately and could be really solid if he gets back to doing what he normally does. WHIR
  18. I think both would be fair, since 1 was rejected I think trading Escobar for Rodriguez would still be good...and then hosmer for McCullers I think might be solid, since I might be making that trade
  19. I don’t think I would trade Stanton, he’s gotta heat up I would keep your guys
  20. Ok if it helps I can actually get McCullers and Aguilar for Hosmer, so I’d be replacing Hosmer with Aguilar
  21. Hmmm I feel like you can get a more sure thing than Heaney when you’re trading a pretty elite catcher
  22. Should I trade my hosmer for McCullers? 12 team points league. I need pitching and my lineup is good, and I have Carlos Santana who is great in points leagues, he’s #3 1B. We start a 1b and 1b/3B though so I would still need to replace hosmer in my lineup
  23. 12 Team Keep 2, Points League I traded Bellinger, Mikolas, and Sonny Gray I got Judge and Junis
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