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  1. I would not do that trade definitely hang onto Gleyber http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/704200-revised-judge-trade-whir/
  2. I would go with Bryant I think http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/704200-revised-judge-trade-whir/
  3. Ok now he wants Sonny Gray. so Gray, Bellinger, mikolas for Judge and Junis
  4. Ok so I posted yesterday about a judge trade, I got a counter offer today: my mikolas, Bellinger, and montas for Judge and Junis This is a points, 12 team keeper league where we keep 2 guys based on round. Judge can be kept really late and so can Bellinger.
  5. Yeah I think the lamb one is solid, thanks for the help on mine
  6. Yeah I would go with Soto http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/704147-trade-for-judge-whir/
  7. This is a 12 team points league, also a keeper league where we keep 2 players based on round. Judge can be kept pretty late. Should I trade my Bellinger, Mikolas, and Clayton Richard for Aaron Judge? WHIR
  8. Yeah I mean based on season averages Kepler is much more valuable. Kepler is like the 27th outfielder with 116 points and Gray has like 49 points. I gotta believe Gray will turn it around though, and like you said Kepler is pretty replaceable. I picked up profar since I may be trading Kepler and profar has 109 to Kepler's 116 points...so basically replacing him
  9. Yeah I think I would do this. Seems solid you really don't need Russell and Archer should be the best player in the deal
  10. Ok this is a 12 team points league. Should I trade my Kepler for his Sonny Gray? My lineup is good but my starting pitching is really bad (also wins are like 5 points so the fact that gray pitches on the yankees would be helpful if gray stops sucking) is this a good deal for me? WHIR
  11. Just traded Juan Soto and Rhys Hoskins for Charlie Blackmon...it is a keeper league, but we only keep 2 guys
  12. Well I made the trade. In the end decided that the keeper value was pretty much a moot point since I already have good keepers and it wouldn't be hard for me to flip some of my better players for good keepers later if I need to.
  13. I mean I like the second deal, might be asking too much but I think he asked for too much in the original deal. So like the last guy said, might not hurt to aim high at first and eventually settle on a still solid deal.
  14. Agree with the others, getting pham would make this really solid. Otherwise, I don't think it is worth it. Since you're selling high on Crawford and trying to buying low on the others, I would definitely try to give a lower tier pitcher than Archer. You would be selling low on Archer here and honestly don't know if I would trade archer alone for both godley and carpenter, especially because you said your lineup is already great.
  15. Yeah I mean, basically ignoring keepers. Is this worth it? My keepers are good either way. And if I fall out of the playoffs I can just trade Mookie for any keeper I want basically.
  16. I could also get either kingham or Velasquez in addition to Blackmon
  17. Only other trade I could do is Gleyber and Hoskins. And I would rather trade Soto I think
  18. Well, since it is a points league steals aren't a huge deal. And he does still steal some, he's on pace for about the same as he had last year and with my league's scoring he was the second best batter in the league last season.
  19. I would take the rendon and soto side then
  20. This is a 12 team points league We keep 2 guys based on round you got them, and moving up each year. So a guy you get on waivers you keep in the 25th round for one year, then 20th, etc. Should I trade Rhys Hoskins and Juan Soto for Charlie Blackmon? Soto could potentially be a great keeper in the 25th, Hoskins I got in the 4th so with only 2 keepers he wouldn't be a keeper for me. I also have Acuna who I could keep in the 7th, bellinger in the 20th, and gleyber in the 25th. So I could potentially still have great keepers without Soto. WHIR Thanks
  21. Yeah I realize it is tough in a points league for someone to say who is more valuable from the outside looking in. Based on these numbers Donaldson would be a fair amount more valuable though.
  22. Yeah I mean our team looks pretty good only thing I can think is trading for a catcher
  23. I agree with most of the others, if your team isn’t struggling I would hold machado. And really if you’re gonna trade machado I think you should be able to get more than a trade built around one of the biggest busts of the year so far.
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